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I've been writing poetry for awhile and it's fun. I wanna share some of what I've written on here.


Btw, these are all haikus.

Dust shines in that house,
It dances like the phantom.
Lost but not alone.

Flowers in the wind,
Shaken but still going strong.
Help-the silent force.

Her eyes scream hopeless,
Her shaky voice pleads 'Help me'
Pain: her companion.

The ghosts scream for help
No one hears their phantom pain
Does anyone care?

Do you hear the sounds?
Must our ears always go deaf?
Please, listen closely.

Our truths are blurred out
Blurred out by our careless lies
Lies can only hurt

The ghosts scream in me
Past lives that will never be
They're in misery

It won't bother me
It's just a sharp shard of glass
Gleaming against skin

My life is unknown
Some things will change based on lies
What lies will be told?

We lay in silence
In our well-made bed of lies
Walls grown between us

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Comment by Brandybuck on March 3, 2011 at 3:04pm
O.o Kind of... intense.  Nicely written though, especially the first one.
Comment by MusicInTheWind on March 4, 2011 at 11:37am
Thanks. I really appreciate it.


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