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Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight...

Not permanently, just for like... the next few weeks. Until the 10th of November. You'll probably not even notice I'm gone, but on the off chance someone was wondering I thought I'd let you know.

I'm also not going to be on MX, though really it'd more unlikely that I'll go online within three weeks than not.

On the off chance someone needs to contact me, I'll still be checking my emails, so I'll get any PMs.

You can, at the moment, also contact me through FB (Emily Pancakes, for any of you who didn't already know), though that might change, but I'll let you know if that's the case. You can most definitely survive three weeks without me anyway.

So have fun, be safe, be happy, and I'll most likely be back before you even notice I'm gone.

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Comment by Ovie! Ovie! Ovie! Oy! Oy! Oy! on October 22, 2010 at 12:51am
And the same to you, always bring protection.

Never know when a spider will pop out of nowhere.


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