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Well, it's 12:37 A.M. and I've been thinking (oh no!) You know what it's like when it's post-night-high and you come down off of it and you're all depressed (this might be the closest thing to a hangover I've ever experienced) and some inner voice keeps on nagging that you'll never be anything because, let's face it, you suck at everything and even on the rare occasion you don't suck at something you realize you'll never have the determination (or the attention span) to get good at it? Well, that's exactly what I was feeling, and then because I'm so brilliant I figured I'd pay a visit to MX which I hadn't been on in weeks and I still haven't been banned from but may as well be because when I went back it was almost like looking at some dead-website thing that had been dead for weeks ever since almost everyone who knew anything has already been banned. I think what was most saddening was that it was only dead in the sense that the people that made it fun and unique were gone, but it was still going at it's own boring pace, with new squeefan discussions and new caps lock abusing groups. Still the nauseating Hachette label at the bottom. I want MX back! *sobbing* Are we sure it's legal to entirely ban people from the site? Could they be taking away our first amendment right (sorry to non-american people who I probably sound like a rambling idiot to) of freedom of press? There has to be some way to take MX back!

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Comment by Avenged on November 1, 2009 at 5:54am
I tried. Unfortunately, TNMX is rather dead as well. But hey, at least it looks like the old one.
Comment by nathan_p on November 1, 2009 at 6:04am
Technically the first amendment does not apply on that site, being that it's run by a private company. The Bill of Rights protects you from the government, not from random twats.

The closest we can get is arguing that we were not provided adequate warning that oh hey, mild cursing can get you banned forever.

Heh, I've been talking a little about this to people in other fandoms, and I realized:

SPN fandom is well-known for being huge and crazy.

HP fandom is divided over pairings.

Only in MR fandom can you get banned from the official run-by-the-publisher forums because, even though you're a civil, intelligent kid, the mods don't like your style.

Stay. Classy.
Comment by Brandybuck on November 2, 2009 at 3:33pm
XD, yeah.


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