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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

Peer pressure is a wonderful motivator. :)

If you're doing nano, post your (daily/weekly/whatever) wordcounts here, and we'll motivate you if you need it.

50,000 words in 30 days. And that's minimum! 1667 words a day!

With that: Write, bitch, write!

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Not doing NaNo; Still working on my book, but it's all editing. I've convinced myself that I need to finish editing it and have it on the publishing track before I work on anything else.


But then again, I've been refining this thing for over a year and a half now... it's getting there; but so do tortoises.
679. >.>

BUT, it's only 2:30am on November 1st here. I've only had three and a half hours. (Yes, three. There are 25 hours in the day today.)

I have written none of that today. Today is my penalty day of not writing because I'm picking up an old story.
1143. *shame* I have excuses... but I think I'll save them and just make it up tomorrow.

No plot, no characters and it's ten AM plus daylight savings.

God damn I suck.
Originally I wanted to do a fanfic but I had written out a bunch of ideas and half written several chapters. It felt like cheating so I didn't do it.

But thanks to the NaNoWriMo forums I finally got an idea! Yay!

Edit: I'm at 527. Woot!
Aw, thanks!

Good luck too!
216, but man, I just started.

I'm too lazy to go get TAE from upstairs -- I'm chillin downstairs with some tea right now -- so I haven't started the RC-sequel NaNo yet. What I've got right now is some interestingly odd noirfic with Jeb narrating. wut
I'm not someone who will write on the computer, so I have 3/5 pages.

I'd guess. . . about 400 words, maybe-ish.
1467 words. Took a break for a shower, food.
I'm not doing NaNo (it's FinTheDamNov month for me, personally), but my novel is at 49,013. So close! xD

@EndOfTheEarth: Wow! I wish I was that far....T.T I have writer's block out the wazoo at the moment.
1708 words. ._. *effort* I want more tea. Or something.

Also, because I'm a showoffy whore: RC is currently sittin' pretty at around 105,000 words.


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