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Actually good plot lines for the rest of the series?

You know, if the series was more orientated to good plot and less Fax. Fang dying horribly painful deaths, Roland and Jeb having their wedding, etc.

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And we need an annoying, whiny sidekick who turns into a badass...

On an unrelated note, Fang is totally Otacon. Definetly an Animer obsessee if there ever was one.

Come to think of it, we already have an evil sibling for the main protagonist.

How 'bout breaking the fourth wall?
We have to write this, we have to write this, oh my God.

And and and I was thinking maybe Jeb can be the Sorrow? Except that doesn't quite work, goddamn. Are we going with Metal Gear canon character relationships, or just using their personalities?

Max knows damn well she's narrating a book. See the beginning of book three >.>
Are you reffering to the, "If you know this already, you can skip the next few pages," part?

...Yeah, I guess so, but that's not enough.

I'm talking about characters breaking the fourth wall mid-story. Switch your control port and all that jazz.

I don't think the respective characters should completely keep their relationships-but some relation should be kept. For example, Snake doesn't really have a love interest-disregarding miss, "If you give into the torture I non-canonically die," who ends up forty years physically younger than him anyways.

I mean, it's not like it's about giving Snake wings and an extra Y chromosone-the point is to make them similair. It can't be exactly like either of them.

Maybe Ari should be the sorrow...

What should the plot be? Basic outline.
Hmm... yeah, I dunno if she's pulled that one yet. (I wish. Maybe if I'm a good kid next year...)

*nodnod* I hear you.

Hmm... now there's an idea.

I'm not sure :\ (But it should involve nukes! And mecha!)

But I know I'll be thinking about this all night now.
It'd be interesting to see Max's claustrophobia mixed with the cardboard box...
Here's some plot elements that could still be done to turn the series around:

1) Max eraserfies.
2) Angel Snaps
3) Someone looses their wings (preferably Max)
4) Government turns out to be running Itex as a DoD contractor and is out to kill the flock too.
5) Foreign government (like china) puts a ton of military resources towards capturing the flock.
6) Death-dates.
7) Powers result in out-of-control mutations and need to be stopped.
8) Wing GE technology public domain, flock has to face concept of no longer being unique.
9) Global Thermonuclear War (I was kind of bummed when it didn't happen).
10) Another genetically altered group from another country with a similar company doing a similar project and running away for similar reasons.

Mix and match as preferred, heat at 451 degrees then leave on counter until cool.
And/or 11. Global economy reacts realistically to destruction of stupidly huge multinational corporation. (That or Itex turns out to still be around. I don't like how Itex bit the dust in STW with absolutely no consequences to the world at large.)
Not really. This is a company that would employ many thousands of employees across the globe, and was a major provider of almost every sort of product. If Itex really did go belly up there would mass unemployment, coupled with shortage of whatever they make, and less competition. Less stuff means that whatever is left is rarer, ie. more expensive, and less competition means the other providers can get away with putting up the prices, or keeping them up once they've rectified the supply to meet the increase in demand.

I never really thought Itex was shut down. It wasn't explicit about that at the end of the third book, just that they'd succeeded in destroying that one branch, and then Max thought they did when thinking back on it. Most likely Itex is still operating, but the genetic research arm was suspended until they could recover the research and rebuild the facilities. It seems implausible, at the very least, that a corporation of that size could fall to pieces because a bunch of kids destroyed one building, however key a building that may be.
Evidence from the book suggests it was a global assault. See STWAOES chapter 125.
Noted. Even then it seems unrealistic, though and we have no idea of the outcome of all the other skirmishes. There were a couple of buildings that went up in smoke, sure, but even then a company of that size should have been able to recover, or pull the rest of the economy down with it.

It's also implied in these that the only branches assaulted were ones in the scientific fields, most likely the ones where genetic experimentation took place. At least no evidence to the contrary is offered, with a 'School' in England, a lab set up in the Netherlands and a top secret facility in Australia.
Woop de doo.

Teenagers with rocks.

Curses, our company is defeated!

((Seriously, JP? In that case, my school could probably conquer the world.))
Max refers to seeing their logo every-fuckin'-where at the School, so... I dunno, man vOv


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