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Please be sure

to include the date/time range for your recording/transcript.

Characters as cast so far by vocals:

Dr. Janssen--Nathan_p
Jeb Batchelder--Devil's Sunrise
Anne Walker--Xuut
Roland ter Borcht--EndOfTheEarth
(Young) Max Ride--Tally

(Old) Max Ride--Hannah


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VERY well done!

Thanks. I think it sounds too fast and I'm sorry it took so long.

It sounds fine, it works well with the tone of the message.

Here's my mix of the conversation between Marian, Roland, and Max.



Fun with Audacity filters...


Good afternoon Herr Doctor


Vaht do you vant


My name is Clarance Harmond, I’m with Interpol. If you can answer my questions, we can get you out of this institution in no time at all. Clean record, new start, all you need to do is answer my questions.


I know vaht kvestions you haff in mind, und you know dat I vill answer nahn aff dem.


I need to ask them anyway. First, you worked with Itexicon Worldwide Incorporated.


Ja, you know dat alredy.


Your paycheck lists you as head geneticist. What sort of work did you do with genetics.


You know dis as vell.


Human stem cells is one thing. I want to know if you were working on whole humans.


I vill not answer dat.


I’m trying to help you Doctor ter Borcht.


I vant no van’s help.


Your siblings miss you, they wonder where you are.


Hah! Now they vunder vere I am? Dey haff no impotance to me. I vill tell you nothing.


It’s going to be a long wait in this place if you don’t.


Ve vill see about dat.





STW intro, both parts in now









God I've been too busy. Whenever I set aside time to do this it explodes in my face.

I'm such a dick for waiting until the ARG to record shit. Anything else, though, I'll record.


I got an idea for the photos, I'm just going to print them, crumple them up and stuff, then have my dad scan them at work.

I'll see if I can slip these in somewhere.


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