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Please be sure

to include the date/time range for your recording/transcript.

Characters as cast so far by vocals:

Dr. Janssen--Nathan_p
Jeb Batchelder--Devil's Sunrise
Anne Walker--Xuut
Roland ter Borcht--EndOfTheEarth
(Young) Max Ride--Tally

(Old) Max Ride--Hannah


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Ok, here's me. I'm not completely sure if the file conversion worked correctly, but it should be an mp3.

Just a rough draft obviously, tell me if you need me to slow down/speed up or anything else.

EDIT: I can also sound younger of course if you want me to do Angel instead. Ooh, dirty.
Express from the merry land of RtBorcht.

Hopefully this is acceptable; I can't get my voice any smoother than this.
Very nicely done! It sounds perfect to me.

Are we having Tally continue to do Max, or are we going to switch over to Hannah's voice?
Hannah's voice is rather high, but it does work well for Max. I'm for it -- unless you have any other comments, I'll start mixing as soon as I can.
Ok then, use Hannah.
Clip of ter Borcht giving an exam to 2-year-old Max.

The beginning sounds odd, because originally I had written down 1993, but I accidentally said 1963.

Transcript to be submitted soon.
Did you guys want me to be old(er) Max?
To check, the voice in the above clip is your regular voice, or with an accent.
Is that a question? Yeah, it was my regular voice. I just wanted to get something up quick so yeah it sounds stupid, but I'd do it again for the real thing with whatever direction you gave me.
The issue that I'm trying to counteract at the moment is that your accent goes nasal on some of your vowels (this is stupid). The delivery is perfect, but the nasal thing makes it sound like you actually have a higher voice than Tally.

Now that I think about it, it may actually make more sense to have you do younger max pieces and her do older Max, but if you want to have another go, feel free.
Mhm. I see what you mean. I noticed that it sounded like I had a still had cold when I listened to it, and I'll try it again but I'm still getting over the damn bacteria.

It probably does. But honestly, you might want Tally to do both pieces, just trying to sound younger in some and older in others.

Anyway, I'll try another recording and get it up sometime tonight.


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