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I was just wondering - how many of you are in College? And if not, where are all of you going? I myself am staying here and going to UNM (University of New Mexico) in January, since I'm graduating from High School early. (I don't see any point in going out of state for your undergraduate degree. It's cheaper to stay in state, and you'll get roughly the same education with little to no debt at the end. Plus, New Mexico has the Lottery Scholarship, and with that, College is looking pretty freaking affordable right now.)

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I'm... actually late for class at University of Colorado Boulder.

Old U of CoB, eh? *nods knowingly* Is it nice there?


What degree did you end up in?

It's not too bad. Weather's been coldish lately, midterms never end, annnnd I have a backache.

History :3

History is sexy. >.> 'nuff said.

Continuing my happy journey through Temple. Finishing my Junior year and holding a 3.8 GPA.

Still have yet to decide.  Applied to 12 schools since other people were paying for them.  Heard back from ten.  Waiting on financial aid packages, tbh.  Though I've pretty much narrowed it down to like 3ish.  

I should have it figured out in a month, though.

Which 3?

Willamette, because.....I haven't given up hope yet.  Montana, because they have me everything I wanted there.  And PLU, because they've given me 20k in merit, and it's only 30k/year.  So it's my cheapest option. XD  And I know the archaeology guy, indirectly.  Though the last one is likely to change as I get back financial aid offers.

Very much enjoying University of Melbourne. Not that's new, since, scarily, it's been a year. Majoring in English, with a minor, maybe changing to another major, in Media and Communications. 

Hey guys.

We're just more than a week away from National College Enrollment Day!  And I'm completely stuck between 2 unis.  One of which is UW-Seattle, and the other is this tiny little liberal arts uni.  And I figured since most of you have/are doing this, atm, you might be able to help.

UW - Is HUGE, which I don't like, but it's gorgeous and in the middle of downtown Seattle which is difficult to beat.  Their CS/CE program is loads better, and the AIA-Seattle literally has lectures in the same room I got to sit in a class for. -geeks- Their anthro. program has loads of people, and with their department of classics and bio, they offer two beyond amazing minors and have a billion times more interesting classes,however, seem to have very little oppurtunities for undergrads in that program.  Also, they're on the lovely quarter system, are recognized as being more than decent, and companies come recruit.  Also, they have a great pre-law advising program, and, lots of amazing stuff there in the city.  Mainly worried about being competitive there, and it being so big, and whatnot.

PLU - Not huge, which is lovely. Semester system, which is meh.  The professor of Anthro seems amazing, and I'm friends with his nephew and I'm slowly getting to know his whole family, who all seem to be connected to this school.  CSCE guy is beyond non-impressive.  They gave me one of their best merit scholarships - 19k/year, are letting me play oboe 1k/year+lessons, gave me a spot in their international honor's program, etc.  But it's in this really crappy neighbourhood, about 30mins w/o traffic from my house, there's nothing there and no means of transportation to do anything, and really no opportunities in the area.  The community kinda sucks a lot, and the people are meh.  I'd be worried about not liking some of my professors, and being stuck, and my long lost aunt is a professor at a liberal arts uni in Cali, mentioned that it's much less known and might be looked at as a small private regional uni which could work against me later on.  I have a meeting with an AA to see if I can do music and get a BA in Anthro and a BS in CS all at the same time, which it sounds like no one's really gone for a BS/BA before and they don't really know what to do with the request.  

Both are about the same price.  UW might be a tad more expensive depending on the rooming arrangements, since they try to near the prices of downtown apartments.  Parents are really biased towards UW, which is messing with my mind because at this point I'm unsure when I lean towards that school if that's because of their influence or my of my own accord, which is irritating, however, I tend to like the small private liberal arts unis better.  And I know it's silly, but I kinda like the idea of someone wanting me enough to give me 20k for me to attend their school.

Thoughts, comments, advice please?

How sure are you that you want to go to a Liberal Arts School?

Back when I was applying, I was down to Temple and Drexel. However, Drexel wanted me for their science programs. At the time, I wasn't sure science was where I wanted to go, so I went to Temple instead--good thing too, I wound up going into a Liberal Arts field.

Simply, your college decision should be based on how comfortable you with where you feel like going with your life. If you're dead set on LA, and know you're good at it and have fun with it, go to a LA based school. Same goes for S&T. If you're not sure, pick one with options.

So, you tell me, what do you want to do with your college career, and are you good at it?

I want to do archaeology, I've always wanted to do archaeology. And while I don't have field experience in that yet, most unis here don't start on that until Jr. year, and I'm volunteering on at least one dig through the AIA (Archaeological Institute of America) this summer, because that'd be the coolest thing ever and that is basically the last thing I need to absolutely confirm in my mind that this is what I want to carry out my life doing. But I also want to do CS because I really like the overall curriculum at both for it, I like the hard sciences, I'd like a degree I can get a job without going for a grad degree, and waaaay down the line I'd want to work with the movement to upgrade archaeological methods to modern technology - like in the way we're now able to create programs to take you inside the buildings just as archaeologists/historians believe they were in their prime.  

So, I'm very set on being LA and I think I'd prefer that style, but that's not everything I wish to do.....I am very certain in what I want to do, academically.  But in the bigger school with more choices I'm certainly worried about getting lost in the crowd and getting distracted by all the shiny options, and on the converse, the one particular LA school does worry me able being too small, and that I'm just settling with this.  My dream uni /is/ a small liberal arts, and while I got accepted it's too expensive...and I fear I might be trying to shove the rest of that onto this other school.

Unless you mean not academically.


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