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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

No offense, Z, but this site is too dull compared to M-D-W. We need, better, cooler, Sexier discussions.


Think of something interesting!


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There's never more than one person on at a time. =/
Ha, no offence? I don't take offence because I don't take responsibility. MX is fun because there's 20 000 people there. This joint is boring because it has under 100. Recruit peeps if you want it more active, I'll try to post something interesting or some such, but I'm really busy at the moment so don't hold out for my wit and humour.
Maybe now half the people are being banned from MX this place will get more activity...

Nope. No luck. Absolutely NO ONE is on here, or TPM.
*lurks everywhere* xD
*also lurks everywhere* It's a chain man, you post other come to see your posts, they reply.
=D *be's a postwhore*
Got mail? *pervy stare*
I agree Zenon! I'm a fail on this website because I run our of things to do, but soon I'll get banned form Max-x and then I'll take refuge here more often.
BTW I just sent a strongly worded comment to the mods. I am so angry right now!!!!
XD "A Strongly worded comment"


A classic moment :)
Well it's starting to look up...there's a total of four people online right now...
*tries to think of something interesting*

>.< I can't. Homework fried moi brain.


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