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What the hell, Patterson?








What incredible graphics...for the NES.


*eye roll*


In your typical side scroller, Patterson takes you on an awesome adventure with Daniel X: The Ultimate Power, for the DSi. Watch as Daniel does things like...turn into a soccer ball!


And turn into a bird!


What the fuck.


Control Pad
A Button
B Button
X Button
Telekinetic Power
L Button
Transformation. Soccer Ball.
R Button
Throw Objects
Destroy Breakable Barriers

Anyways...This game just looks...weird. First off, any game where you can turn into a soccer ball seems kind of...well, lame. What kind of power is that?


Not to mention the whole eagle thing...ick.


The graphics leave something to be desired-seriously, I've seen better graphics on Ipod games.


Moving on to more important matters...


I can't really judge it without playing it, but from what I understand it's just like every other side scroller out there. You run around, push boxes, hit a bunch of grunts, collect power ups, etc. It doesn't have any revolutionary new things you can do-you can presumably make things, not that that's been emphasized, and hit people with, suprise, button mashing repete attacks. It's all just run of the mill. Oh, and you solve puzzles too-how original.


Apparently, you can beat your enemies with speed, strength, and wits. Yeah. No comment.


One of the most emphasized features is that you can use your DSi camera to take pictures of people and determine if they're aliens or not.


No, really.


I get that it's for kids and all, but it costs twenty dollars. Twenty freaking dollars. My opinion might be biased, but I don't think it's worth that much-even for a kid. It might have been a big hit twenty years ago, but the problem is that it's being released now-in this modern era, games like that just don't cut it.


I haven't played it, so I might be wrong, but I think that the best thing to do would be to rent it-at the very most. For a day.


Your opinions?


((Most information and pics are from Gamefly. Please don't sue.))

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But there's no movie...

And it's not like the Eragon movie was any better.


I hate you JP you ruin everything.
What's worse is the thought of a MR video game like this...

I mean, I mildly respect the series. The first few books are ok. But something like this can ruin even the best franchises, and MR is not the best by a longshot...
I think they were going to make a MR one. . . . a while ago, actually.

Maybe alien games sell better, though?

And I doubt this'll ruin the franchise, I mean, otherwise it would've fallen through with the last few books.
It would ruin MR.
DSi all ready ruined handheld Nintendo.
Does this remind anyone else of the Metroid games?
The level layout is practically the same exact style to Metroid, and of course you could turn into a ball in that game too!

As for the picture thing? Can anyone else say "random number generator"?


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