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Did y'all hear about MRUK being "merged" with MX?

Because the natives there are pissed. xD Exepect new members on MX who get banned in like, five minutes.

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Yep, I heard >.> Brilliant idea, MR mods!

Just as a fucking high school student, I am very much enjoying watching those suckahs ruin their business. >:D DIE MOTHERFUCKERS DIE
I hinted in one of my posts on page one of that blog that there were "alternatives"

If they ask, I'll point them here.

And yes, supposedly, according to their admin's message, it was being put down because the sheer amount of trash-talking and rage was getting out of hand.

Who knows, we may just like these folks.
Ahem... just in my opinion, MR UK, the last time I visited, had a strange amount of crazy fuckhead new members, some of whom reported me (and resultantly got me banned), and one of whom seemed to think he was THE SHIT / GOD'S GIFT TO MR UK. It was going downhill. Hopefully the archives won't vanish -- last year, that place was amazing.
I see...

Well then, should I still point them here?
If yes, you'll probably have to ask yourself about your own modding tactics, lest this place be heavily overrun with the type of people you are suggesting.
I've been lurking the backup forum for MR UK, and, unless I'm dreadfully wrong, there's only one active member who wasn't around last summer.
most people are going here...
How very fail-ish of them... they don't even have a logo. *sulks* Just because I'm never here doesn't mean I can't have parent-pride in my network!
xD This site is prettier and shinier. It needs a picture of pillowsex
Yes'm. Every site does.
It wouldn't be complete without it xD
Somehow I think the relevance of pillowsex to MR would be hard to explain, though...
Pillows have feathers in them. It could be a symbolic Fax or Figgy sex scene made for younger audiences.
You are a genius!


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