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A place for all of the letters, memos, photographs, reports, etc, be them finished or in progress.

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Ahahaha! win.
The updated Nazi letter. I changed some of the text around very slightly, but it all means the same thing.

Most notably, there's now a "this is secret / from X to Y" field up top; Devil's Sunrise, feel free to go to town here :D

Here's the transcription.

Der Hoghere SS- u. Hauptstuermfuehrer
Beim Reichsstatthalter in Alsace
Wehrkreis IX

Alsace, der 3. Mai 1944
Fritz-Reuter-Strasse 2a
Fernsprecher 5323 - 69


An das

Institut fuer Leben, Wissenschafte Stab
z.Hd. von Dr. Janssen

L e n d e h e i m SW 18
- - - - - - - - - -
Prinz-albrecht Str. 8

Betr.: Ihre Arbeit fuer das Reich.

Lieber Kamerad Janssen!

Vielen Dank fuer das Material, das Sie zu mir geschickt. Die neuen Beschraenkungen Kriegszeiten haben es sehr schwer fuer mich zu sichern ausreichend Material fuer meine Arbeit, und es war sehr nett von Ihnen an mich zu denken, wenn Sie keinen Zweifel leiden aufgrund der gleichen Beschraenkungen sind. Ich hoffe, ihr seid alle gut ergeht in Lendeheim, und dass die laufenden Luftangriffen nicht halten Sie von Ihrer Arbeit.

Herr Todt war ganz mit Ihren Ergebnissen, wenn ich sie geschickt, um ihn beeindruckt, und er ist mit Herr von Krosigk verhandeln, um mehr Mittel fuer das Institut zu vereinbaren. Fritz stimmt mit mir - Ihre Arbeit bei Lendeheim moeglicherweise von grosser Bedeutung für das Reich sein. Die Langlebigkeitimpf im Besonderen mit grossem Erfolg erfuellt.

Hoffentlich werde Sie diese Brief ohne allzu grosse Verzoegerung zu erreichen. Der Post wurde in letzter Zeit unzuverlaessig, und einige meiner Briefe sind nicht an ihre Ziele zu erreichen. Ich weiss, Sie werden mir verzeihen, aber ich muss noch entschuldigen.

Mit kameradschaftlichen Gruessen und

H e i l H i t l e r

August Hirt


From the office of the SS Hauptstuermfuehrer in Alsace

Written in Alsace the 3d of May 1944, at the address 2a Fritz Reuter Street. Telephone number 5323 - 69.


To the

Institute for Living, Scientific Staff
Attn. Dr. Janssen
Lendeheim SW 18
8 Prinz Albrecht Street.

Re.: Your work for the Reich

Comrade Janssen:

Thank you very much for the materials you sent to me. The new wartime restrictions have made it very difficult for me to secure sufficient materials for my work, and it was very kind of you to think of me when you are no doubt suffering due to the same restrictions. I trust you are all faring well in Lendeheim, and that the ongoing air raids are not keeping you from your work.

Mr. Todt was quite impressed with your results when I sent them to him, and he is negotiating with Mr. von Krosigk to arrange more funding for the Institute. Fritz agrees with me -- your work at Lendeheim may be of great importance to the Reich. The longevity serum in particular has been met with great acclaim.

Hopefully this letter will reach you without too much delay. The post has been unreliable lately, and some of my letters have been failing to reach their destinations. I know that you will forgive me this, but I still must apologize.

With comradely feelings and

Heil Hitler

August Hirt]

Aaaand since I spent an obsessive amount of time on this.

1. Here is the file I used as a visual basis. It is a memo regarding tubercular Poles and what to do with them. I didn't realize this until I was well into the editing process.

2. August Hirt is a real person who was engaged in questionable medical studies at the time given, at the University of Strasbourg in Alsace.

3. I now know the German word for telephone.
First, I'd like to applaud you, this is an excellent piece of ARGmanship! Again, the visual detail is just as authentic-looking as the historical detail, and I doubt I could put out something as good-looking!

This said, I have exactly one concern: The likelihood of a document saying "Heil Hitler" being immediately shut down by the mods, almost as quickly as if we'd placed a swastika on the stationary. Is there anything we can do to work around this? I know that it is historical authenticity to have that there, but there has to be another way to sign off without bringing down the ARG around our ears.
I can edit it out quite easily; I just thought it lent a nice touch (the entire signoff except for "August Hirt" came straight from the original document). However, yeah, I didn't think of the fact that it says Heil Hitler... missing the forest for the trees.
Here's a Hitlerless version that I threw together while my internet was down. If my internet stays up I'll probably start mixing the new autopsy report.


In the meantime, I was thinking a medical diary from ter Borcht would help fill in space. Should I do this via audio logs or should I type them out?

Also, I'm waiting on Devil's Sunrise to complete his part of a transcript I had a while back on a vision test.

I'm also going to work on another note or two by Anne talking of how she's keeping the FBI distracted,
Hmm. Since he seems to keep an audio diary anyway, I'd say do audio logs. Also, if he's paranoid about being found out, an audio diary can be recorded in a 'safe' place into a tape recorder, where a typed diary might be keylogged or simply stolen.
Sounds like fun, I'll get to work on it this weekend.

I already have some thoughts on one for the start of the project.

Also, some audio clips of Marian making requests of ter Borcht would be useful. Sort of "We need something that can XYZ for the HIJ and I was thinking that would involve ABC."
I'll see what I can do :>
So if anyone wants a crumpled paper effect I have that...

Looks kinda like this:

If the colours fail to satisfy you or whatever, I can edit it too.

-Has been downloading Paint.Net plugins lately-

So I could probably do a little editing and things when I have some time.

And if anyone is going to tell me GIMP is better. Screw you. I like my Paint.Net. >.>
It looks nice enough, but can you apply it? For example, can you show me how one of the office memos would look like under these conditions?
Sorry for the late reply.

I've been fiddling with it.

And here it is faded with bits of yellow.


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