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So, I've got, like, ten friends right now. Ten friends.

Two years ago, I was friends with only one of them, and that was because we grew up together.


My ten friends are all girls, primarily due to the fact that I can't stand guys. (I'll go into that some other time.) They're all smart. They're all nerds. They're all extremely nice people who are willing to disagree with eachother, their parents, and everyone else about politics, forming their own opinions based on new knowledge and completely willing to change their mind on something if a differing opinion makes sense.


They're a diverse, clever, and downright eccentric group of people. One of them is a math prodigy who's literally at the genius level and modest as all hell (And not very self confident, which is fine, but perhaps her main drawback). Another is recognized as one of the top six writers in the state. One of them is an extremely pro-gay, pro-environment, pro-women's rights science geek (She's also Catholic, which just goes to show that the world doesn't revolve around clichés) who is much more well informed about politics than I am. One has lead a state-wide community service project and talked to internationally renowned community service dudes, and worked in third world countries over the summer to boot.


The rest of them are not recognized on any national or state wide level, but are, again, nerdy, intelligent, and downright awesome. My aforementioned childhood friend is a recently out-of-the-closet lesbian and a damn good writer, and two of the remaining five are hilartious as all hell.


(And no, I was not exaggerating or lying about any of that. All of it is true.)


During homecoming, we went as a group to dinner, then to the dance. There I took vaguely sketch pictures with all of them (Somewhere, on the internet, there is a picture of Fake Crowley pole dancing, lounging on a couch, licking a lollipop suggestively and other such things. My gift to you, llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllladies) before finally going home, having had the time of my life.

In short: I have awesome friends.


And my confession?


I'm happy.


I'm honest to god happy.


My life is great. I've conquered my depression. I have friends who I frankly don't deserve. I've dealt with all my demons. I no longer hate myself or feel self-pity. I found a great college I want to get into that I probably will. I have a good relationship with my parents. I'm upper middle class. I feel good about myself. My only issue is that I'm a bit guilty for not giving more time and money to charity, but you know what? I can fix that.


And it's all thanks to you guys. You put up with me. You helped me deal with all the shit I had to go through, all the whining and bitching I did about minor struggles I faced that were nothing in comparison to your own. You guys helped me make it through sophmore and junior year without hurting myself, and even though I acted immaturely more than once, you remained my friends and helped me get through it all.


So thank you. Honestly, truly, thank you. I feel a bit embarrassed to say that I owe my current happiness to the internet, but it's true.


There's literally nothing I feel I can do that would be enough to repay you. I owe you all my life, my current well being--I was seriously considering hurting myself a year or two ago, and you helped me pull through.

And I don't know how to end this,'re all wonderful, and brilliant, and kind, so I hope everything works out for you lot like it did for me.


Thanks for everything.



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Glad to hear it. ^-^


You're not leaving, though, are you? That sounded kind of like a goodbye.



Yeah, I kind of wanted to put in a post-script saying, "Note: Fake Crowley is not leaving. He wrote this solely because he recently had the relevation that he was actually happy. Also because Crowley enjoys talking in third person.

Also, I have a good life, great friends, and am happy and content with who I am. Be jealous, you pieces of trash! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Good. I'd be sad.


Also, fun fact: When taking the pictures, it was discovered that I can really make myself look Had a picture of me kneeling and facing the camera with the catholic science geek chick pulling my hair.


And I apparently very much play the part.



That's lovely! :D




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