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I'm not trying to start a fight, and I'm not trying to accuse or offend anyone. I'm asking that you read and think a bit.

For the relatively new people: We have to stop bugging the "oldies" about MX drama. This means that we shouldn't post on the "What Are You Doing?" Thread. Just like we consider the "What if...?" thread our home (our thread), the "What Are You Doing?" is theirs, their home, their history. We shouldn't ask them to get involved. This will sound mean, but they probably don't care. They've dealt with these problems and (much) worse before. It's not news to them.

For the "oldies": It's understandable that you'd show contempt and be annoyed at the MX drama.You have grown beyond it. Still, I'd like to ask for a little bit of patience and compassion. You guys know what it's like to lose one's place in a website. Yes, it's the internet. But remember what it's like to be banned and lose what voice and place you have.

Feel free to not reply. Again, I'm sorry if anyone was offended. It's impossible for me to be completely impassive about this, but I'm not angry at either "side". I respect and admire the "oldies." You guys are really smart and cool. Most of my closest friends are new people, and I love you guys.

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No, I got what you meant the first time, don't worry. Either way, I was still complaining about noobs, which in hindsight I realize was annoying despite it not being MX related.

In general, I feel like a complete and total outsider on this site, so I feel weird about everything I post and end up making worse...oh well. :-/ Guess I should've saved that for the SC thread...although I own up to what I confess to, so I suppose it doesn't matter...*ends ramble*

Sorry I'm being such a downer o.o yikes...
Don't worry about it. Really it doesn't make anything worse, either.

Don't feel like an outsider. . . I still love you. :D
*feels loved* :D
Oh. Okay. I feel like I should regret every single post I've made on this thread, for how people seem to be reading it...

Ehh. We all complain. I prolly complain about family and hw way too much, but, eh.

We're all outsiders anymore. There are people from different groups on MX, so not everyone knows everyone else. So... it's not really noticed. Plus, we all remember you. :D
Without complaints, the world would be very tame...and that's no fun. XD

But what the heck do you remember me for? :P Probaly for whoring out my MX site before I knew any better...xD
XD That. I remember you debating, or yelling at someone terribly well/logically, I knew you were an oboe player!, and you're just generally awesome. How could we forget you?
:D :D :D

Thanks for joining the other site, btw. It's now Antis- 3, Squee Fans- 1497 xD
Don't be sorry.

To my knowledge, you aren't one of those who're acting like a chicken with it's head cut off, creating trouble. XD
They run around aimlessly for a good bit, actually.
My Pa used to hang them off the washing line after chopping their heads off while he was waiting for them to stop moving....
Which "What are you doing?" out of curiosity?

That aside, this all makes sense to varying degrees, based on your perspective. Keep in mind though, that this sort of psychology is very difficult to defuse, as it essentially stems from the "Oy, Kids these days!" complaint. For what it's worth, good job for giving it a shot.
I only want to be a part of it if it is going to be fucking hilarious.

True dat. XD


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