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Hello friends,

I am now on my summer break, so if you have any requests, queries or complaints that need an objective and most p0werful figurehead to deal with, I am here from now till the 20th of Feb.


If you'd like to bask in my presence, you can do that also.



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Did you want to submit anything to the ARG?

I dunno... what should I submit?


Also, I have the bad habit of clicking 'Edit comment' instead of 'Reply to this'. *facepalm*

Anything that looks like a legitimately forged document that would fit in canonically with the plot line. In short, something that Itex would be talking about.

Give me 6 minutes and you'll have it.

Please also compare to the previously submitted documents to avoid contradictions or doubling up.


*sleepy* I think I'm getting too old for this, it took me longer than six minutes and it's only the top of a form and I didn't compare to others. And meh. I need my morning coffee. I'mma post it here and I'll move it to where it belongs if it fits with the plot.

If you could also make ones for the UK, US, and Germany that would be really cool!

Also, there's an established Itex Worldwide icon (from the old blog, not our idea) would you like a copy of that?

Maybe, it might be better than the centrelink logo there.

And I guess I could do others, depends how easy it is to get hold of the emblems.

Here it is again:


Lovely to see you still exist every now and then. :D

*sulks* My internet ran out after I last posted, and I had to wait for an auto-transaction to pay for more, since no internet means no internet banking.


*waves to Lampy* Yes, I know you all miss my awe inspiring presence. Good to see you live, also.


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