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Ning are a bunch of douches -- UPDATED 10 AUGUST

The site has been paid for for one year in advance.


(You can donate! Please see the link at the top of my profile if you want to throw some money in.)

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So how would this work? A paypal?

('Cause then I'd go bug the hell out of my mother to get me a bank account.)

I get 5 a week, but it's going to be upped to 7.50 because I'm going to stop paying for cable. My texting is also deducted from this.
I'm still fuckin' around, but here is a new site.
I have to ask my parents.
I only have Safari.

Tell me about Chrome? It's free, right?
*has an account* *glares at Tally's computer*
Signed up.
I am too!!!

That's going to take some getting used to...

Are we supposed to join here, or are we keeping this site? *Confused*
We haven't decided.


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