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Ning are a bunch of douches -- UPDATED 10 AUGUST

The site has been paid for for one year in advance.


(You can donate! Please see the link at the top of my profile if you want to throw some money in.)

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Well I'll be damned.

Can I ask for a link? :B

Hey guys.

My network just went on the Ning plan, and let me tell you, the new moderation tools are nice. They can really make modding easy so you cane be lazy and all. SO, heads up for you MX'ers and whatnot. There's a new feature called the 'Dashboard', it shows most popular members, threads, pics, discussions, etc. It also really keeps track of members, content, etc. Really, it's making life easy for just browsing quickly to mod stuff. SO, I'd warn anyone terribly too active on MX/TTS about this. I wouldn't be surprised if the mods start being lazy and just use it and the search bar to find things, though I hear they've been rather absent lately.
Guess this would be an appropriate time to mention this... I can't help pay for it anymore. Sorry guys, things at home have been fuckity these past days and will continue to be fuckity for a while. I won't have any money and even if I did my parents wouldn't let me use for something like this.

I'm really sorry.
It's cool. >.> I can probably pay for the site for a while (although help would be very much appreciated).
x.x I feel bad about it.

But after we get this shit sorted (so like in a month or two) I think I'll be able to get it all good again and be able to chip in.
Updated -- I paid for a year of time.

You are amazing.

Thank you so much. :D
Amazing amazing amazing. Thank you. You're wonderful. :D
So how much did it cost you and how do you want to collect $$?


Cause I feel like we should all reimburse you.

I take PayPal :V


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