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The favorites. List 'em all.

Favorite food? Cars? Toys when you were little? Houses? Colors? Pets? Nail polish (lol)? Sticky note? Phone? Computer? Website? Picture? Animation? Emoticon? Letter? Number? Day of the week? Month? Shoes? Clothes? Sports? Subject in school?

Anything. :)

Post away!

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Food: Sushi.
Color(s): White & Balck
Animal: Cat.
Shoes: Converses.(sp?)
Sport: Soccer.
School Subject: Math.
Anime: Ouran High School Host Club.
Book: Don't have one.
Month: March.
Number: 3.
Band: To many.
Letter: X.
Name: Ravyn.
Artist(s): Pablo Picasso & Victoria Fraces.
Author(s): Laurell K. Hamilton & Shakespeare.

Thats all I could think of right now. xD
That's cool! ^_^

Do you mind if I take some of the categories from your list to ^ up there?
Nah, it's cool.
Okay, thanks! :D
Food: This changes, like, by the minute. Right now, cantaloupe and chow mein sound pretty awesome.
Color: Also changes. Right now, yellow.
Animal: Fish. Obviously.
Shoes: Converse or flip flops. Seasonal.
Sport: Volleyball.
School subject: Bio/French. Tied.
Book: This list goes on for days.
Month: April/May/June.
Number: 8
Band: Early States.
Letter: Y.
Name: Girl: Lyla, Boy: Bradyn.
Website: Facebook, Meebo, The Onion
Blog: Yahoo Tech Blogs, until they closed. That was traumatic.
Emoticon: :D
Weather: Sunny and warm. Like 90s.
Decade: 90s.
Time of day: midnight-2am.
Crayola color: Macaroni and cheese
Food: Schnitzel
Color: Green
Computer: Macbook Pro (I want...)
Website: Youtube
Emoticon: XD
Letter: S
Number: 3
Day: Friday
Time: 12-2 AM on Saturday morning
Month: January
Sports: Skiing, tennis
Subject: Science, math, band
Drink: Milk
Video Game: Modern Warfare 2
Food: TV Dinners, Kraft Dinner, Sushi, Tofu, Miso Soup
Cars: Pikachu look alike cars, the convertible Beetle that a teacher in my school has
Toys: Electronics of course, I didn't play much else.
Houses: My home in Saskatoon and Regina.
Colours: Green
Pets: My cat and rabbit.
Nail Polish: This super kick ass light purple one
Sticky Note: Green
Phone: iPhone
Computer: Mine...
Website: Now? Prolly here...
Anime: Ouran High School Host Club
Emotion: 8D , Rarely used...
Number: 48
Letter: X or J
Day: Saturday
Month: October
Shoes: Uh, sneakers or flats
Sports: Fencing, Gymnastics
Subject: English and Science
Artists: Vanessa Carlton, Superchick, Lights, Aimee Mann, Bob Ricci, We the Kings, The Maine, and Michelle Branch
Authors: Cornelia Funke, Richard Adams, and Douglas Adams
Book: Favourite of all time, The Thief Lord and Watership Down
Weather: Kind of cloudy but warm...
Decade: The nineties
Time: 9-3 PM/AM
Language: Cantonese
Quote: "Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping, waiting, and though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir. Open it's jaws, and howl. It speaks to us, guides us. Passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have?" - Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Flower: Carnation
Name: Girl: Maria, Ria, Athena Boy: Cosmo, Avery
Greek God: Morpheus
Store: Coles/Chapters
Season: Fall
TV Show: Angel, Buffy, Bones, Castle, Firefly (Guess how they're all connected... >.>)
Animal: Rabbits
Fast Food place: Tim Hortons
Beverage: Virgin Pina Colada

I'm bored...
"Beverage: Virgin Pina Colada"

That made me giggle.

Castle! XD *is proud of herself for being the reason you watch that*
Well I'm not allowed the ones with actual alcohol, and the most alcoholic beverage I have in my house is cooking wine. >.>

:D It has Nathan Fillion who was in Buffy AND Firefly! -Didn't realize that until waaay later- And it's a fabulous show.
Pfft, laws. When do those stop us? XD But, yeah. It just made me giggle, especially after the last chapter I posted.

XD It's just so cute and funny, and I finally finished Heat Wave the other day. I...misplaced...the copy for several months and just decided to reread it, because I couldn't remember where I left off. It was good and I could totally picture the characters from Castle saying the lines in the book. *literally had Beckett (sp?) narrating in her head*
Food: Pizza (Plain)
Color: Red & Black
Animal: Octopus or Squid
Sport: Archery... and hiking to some extent.
Book: Three way tie-- 20000 leagues under the sea, Misery, the one I hope to publish.
Month: August
Number: 42
Musical group: The Philadelphia Orchestra
Letter: E
Website: Three-way between hulu,, and MDW.
Weather: Warm with a torrential thunderstorm.
Video Game: Red Alert 2
Drink: Chocolate Milkshake (a real one, none of that McDonalds junk)
Author: Jules Verne
Government group: NASA, followed by NOAA
Topic of discussion: Theoretical sciences.
Favorite school topic: Psycology/Philospphy
Book when I was a kid: Tie-- Tom Swift Jr's Mysterious Planetoid and Andalite Chronicles from the Animorph series.
Music type: Anything with a strong string section, classical piano, and no lyrics.
Broadway Play: Les Miserables.
Accent: Russian
MS Word Fonts: Times New Roman, followed by Impact
Musical Piece: Andante, from Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 2
Movie: Tie between Armageddon, Zombieland, and Apollo 13.
Character overall in a media: Andrew Ryan from Bioshock
Weapon in Modern Warfare 2: FAL with ACOG scope.
Flower: Sky Pilot
Movie Director: Stanley Kubrick
Favorite Good Guy: Indiana Jones
Favorite Bad Guy: Tie between Andrew Ryan (see above) and Hans Landa (Inglorious Basterds)
Favorite Time of Day (assuming no plans to interrupt) 11PM-1AM
Food: Phish Food ice cream.
Car: Ford Camaro Trans Am. That is one sexy, sexy car.
Computer: For nostalgia factor, the first computer I had. But it was a POS, and I like my current laptop.
Website: All of them _o_
Day of the week: Wednesday. I get to sleep in.
Picture: Oh, too fucking many.
Painting: "The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh. Hi, my name is Nathan, and I'm kind of a stereotype.
Music: I can't really say I'm gay for indie, but yeah, that's my main squeeze. After that, it goes all over the place.
Time of day: Best time ever was late, late nights last summer, staying up late with Commando and Ringo to write.
Shoes: Birkenstocks. Hippie to the core, me.
Language: I have a passion for German. It troubles me.
Guilty pleasure: Badfic, and fandom in general.
Word: "man". When you need to end a sentence...
Clothing: ... as little as possible. Robe is optimal, given Colorado is cold.
Book: Let's not even go there.
Geeky thing: Do old textbooks count? Researching obscure things for the hell of it.


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