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The favorites. List 'em all.

Favorite food? Cars? Toys when you were little? Houses? Colors? Pets? Nail polish (lol)? Sticky note? Phone? Computer? Website? Picture? Animation? Emoticon? Letter? Number? Day of the week? Month? Shoes? Clothes? Sports? Subject in school?

Anything. :)

Post away!

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Favorite food: Chocolate
Car: Mine. (1994 Ford Crown Victorian. The kind the make into cop cars? It goes fast.)
Toys when you were little: Stuffed animals. *cough*still*cough*
House: The Winchester Mansion. *wants to own it*
Colors: Green and Black
Pets: Cats, mostly. Dogs too, but cats are less clingly.
Nail polish: Dark blue and sparkly.
Phone: My cell phone, retarded as it is. *has no idea what kind of phone it is*
Computer: My laptop. *doesn't know what kind this is either*
Website: Facebook, this site.
Picture: My original profile picture. The white kitsune.
Emoticon: XD
Letter: Q (must be capitalized)
Number: 12
Day of the week: Friday
Month: May/ April
Shoes: Tennis shoes.
Clothes: Thin pants. A tank top.
Sport: Swimming
Subject in school: ...*thinks* Depends on the teacher. History right now, because Patterson is awesome. But I think I love English the most, just not right now.
Author: Lewis Caroll
Book: Too many to list.
Movie: Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl, National Treasure
Song: A Little Less Conversation- Elvis Presely And The Bare Necessities of course.
Quote: "We're all mad here." Cheshire Cat, Lewis Caroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Lyric: "Like the life you're livin'/ Live the life you like/ You can even marry Harry/ But mess around with Ike." -Chicago
Weather: Rain. (I blame the fact that I live in a desert.)
Time: Midnight-2am
TV shows: Monk, Psych, Lost, The Mentalist, Castle, Las Vegas
Flower: Red Rose and Yellow Rose. Green Carnation.
Mythological Being: The Fates, obviously. And then zombeh bunnies.

Dear Gawd, I am bored.
Food: could never pick. Ever. Things always sound better at different times.
Color: blue or green
Number: 8
Animal: a raptor of some sort. Probably a falcon.
Pet: I'd love to own a falcon, but as for traditional, I suppose a snake or lizard
Month: June
Clothes: jeans and hoodies
Shoes: Converse
Letter: "c"
Tree: maple
Season: late spring/early summer
Weather: overcast/rainy
Drink: some sort of fruit smoothie
Fruit: peaches and honeydew
Music genre: acoustic, rock, and country
Artist: Jason Mraz and Eric Hutchinson
Song: It's America - Rodney Atkins (I can't help but love this song)
Genre of books: science fiction/fantasy
Authors: Gaiman, Pratchett, Rowling, Snicket, and Picoult
Sport: hockey
Emoticon: >:D
Time of day: nine pm to midnight
Day of the week: Friday
Subject: English, without a doubt. I love Biology, also.
Ice cream flavor: huckleberry. So delicious.
Ice cream topping: gummy bears. >.>
Anime: the only one I've ever watched FMA
Character: too many
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
Movie score: PotC *love*
Name: Jacob, but Twilight ruined it. Now it's Michael, for a guy or girl. Crowley is undeniably still the sexiest.
Font: Garamond
Word: sarcastic, humorous, indeed
TV show: Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Guilty pleasure: LEGOs
Weapon: sabre
Accent: Scottish *luffs Davy Jones*
Game: Capture the Flag = epic
Playground equipment: swing

Holy crap that's long. O.o
Food: Peanut butter or waffles.
Cars: Jeep, or VW brand-wise
Toys: Blocks, Barbies, Polly Pockets, Zoo Animals...
Houses: Cute Victorian style architecture and pastel colors
Colors: Purple!
Pets: Cat person...
Nail Polish: White
Sticky Note: Yellow Stars
Phone: I like my Sony Ericson W580i
Computer: Something that runs better than this hunk of crap
Website: Here, and FB. Google for reserved
Picture: The Escher one with all the staircases?
Animation: Spongebob
Emoticon: either ^.^ or 8D
Letter: S
Number: 29
Day of the Week: Thursday
Month: November
Shoes: My purple/gray/black argyle soft sole ballet flats
Clothes: Maurices
Sports: Football (on TV)
Subject in School: English or Drama
Musical: RENT
Animal: Meerkat (sp?)
Book: Harry Potter hands down.
Harry Potter Book: Goblet of Fire
Crayola Crayon Color: Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown (also known as Indian Red)
Drink: Apple Juice
Snack: Cheez-itz
Names: (girl) Isolde, (boy) Jericho
Weather: overcast
Decade: 20s
Make-up brand: Covergirl
Season(s): Winter/spring
Time 10:00 PM -ish
Article of Clothing: Pants
Dessert: Cookies or brownies (but only the corner ones with crust)
Guilty Pleasure Movie: Ice Princess
TV show: Glee
Wow! That's a lot you have. ^^

I should prolly post my stuff. Lol
XD, this is what boredom does to you...
Hahaha! I just got back from the barn so I'm not really bored.
Ha, I should be doing my homework, but this seemed far more interesting...
I don't have homework...Not until tomorrow. But I do have a project. I don't want to do that just yet.
Ah, I'm plowing my way through AP US homework. It's pretty much a snooze-fest today though...
Oh. Bummer. :(

We had Spring Break so they didn't give us any HW. Not for 3 weeks. The week before CSAP, the week during CSAP and then Spring break happened. xD
Food: Anything besides pickles and....crappy stuff. xD
Cars: Audi or this one car my friend has.
Toys: Barbies, polly pockets or anything horse related
Houses: A big pretty brown house.
Colors: Blue and black
Pets: Horse!
Nail Polish: Blue-ish
Sticky Note: The one that I used in the handwriting thread
Phone: My Sony Ericsson TM506...When it's not broken at least
Computer: My dads. My computer is worth shit.
Website: This site, FB...The usual
Picture: Some of the horse and sunset pictures I take/draw a lot.
Animation: It depends...
Emoticon: ^_^, ^.^, >:D. <:D (he's wearing a hat!), :D, :). : ), :P, :p (on FB, it doesn't look at pretty here)...I love emoticons.
Letter: I or J
Number: 21
Day of the Week: Wednesday or Friday
Month: September
Shoes: My gray and white converses
Clothes: This really cute dress-like thing I have
Sports: Horseback riding...
Subject in School: Language Arts or Math
Animal: Horse
Book: MR. I'm a sane fan though. :D
Crayola Crayon Color: Hmmm...
Drink: It depends on my mood.
Snack: Shortbread cookies
Names: Girl: Danielle, Boy:
Weather: Rainy or sunny
Decade: ....I don't know
Seasons: Fall and Spring
Time: On week days: 8:40 or 1:26. On weekends: 12-1 ish
Article of Clothing: Breeches!! :D :D
Dessert: Shortbread cookies. :D
TV show: Parenthood by far!
Author: Umm....I don't really have one.
Flower: Water Lilly
Food: Cheese pizza.
Cars: Ford Mustang convertible.
Toys: Legos and plastic food.
Houses: A big, white beach house.
Colors: Red and White.
Pets: Dog.
Nail Polish: Something dark.
Sticky Note: The one that I wrote to my friend in some class I was in.
Phone: Something other than my current phone.
Computer: A Mac.
Website: MDW and The New York Times.
Picture: The one my dad took of a river during a sunset.
Animation: Secret Agent Bob's cartoons on Youtube.
Emoticon: =)
Letter: Z
Number: 8
Day of the Week: Friday.
Month: November.
Shoes: My black Converse.
Clothes: My Journey T-Shirt and my faded jeans.
Sports: Soccer.
Subject in School: History.
Book: Last Night I Sang to the Monster by Benjamin Alire Saenz.
Author: Ned Vizzini.
Movie: The Shawshank Redemption.
Director: Tim Burton.
Actor: Johnny Depp.
Song: "My Immortal" by Evanescence.
Band: Evanescence.
TV Show: It's a tie between Supernatural, The Mentalist, Big Brother, and Survivor.
Season: Fall.
Holiday: Thanksgiving.
Poet: Robert Frost.


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