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The favorites. List 'em all.

Favorite food? Cars? Toys when you were little? Houses? Colors? Pets? Nail polish (lol)? Sticky note? Phone? Computer? Website? Picture? Animation? Emoticon? Letter? Number? Day of the week? Month? Shoes? Clothes? Sports? Subject in school?

Anything. :)

Post away!

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Food: Anything deep fried. God, I'm such a Northerner.
Cars: A dark green Aston Martin, or a Mercedes E-class.
Toys: Dolls and stuff. I read a lot, too.
Houses: A big loft space somewhere. NOT in the country, that's for sure.
Colors: Yellow.
Pets: Kitteh. Or my dawg, Chip.
Nail Polish: My nails are too short for it.
Sticky Note: *shrug*
Phone: I want an iPhone.
Computer: A Mac. Mine is luffly, but...
Website: FB anf
Picture: The characters and people I doodle in class.
Animation:Simon's Cat.
Emoticon: :3 and xD.
Letter: A.
Number: 19
Day of the Week: Friday or Saturday
Month: July, August or September
Shoes: My black dolly shoes with red hearts, or my shiny purple killer heels
Clothes: Hmm. My big floofy black skirt, turquoise and red shirt with roses on it, my totally shredded black tights, my psychedelic rainbow leggings, my little-girly white dress, my fabulous jeans, my tuxedo jacket. Not all together though.
Sports: None. I have to choose one? Fine. Badminton or netball.
Subject in School: Maths or History.
Animal: Kitteh.
Book: Chaos Walking. Or anything by Scott Westerfeld or Kevin Brooks.
Crayola Crayon Color: A deep, deep blue. I can't think of a name.
Drink: Orange juice, or Pineau de Charante.
Snack: Chocolate-chip Elevenses
Names: I like my name, Alice. It's not something I particularly think about. >.>
Weather: Either sunshine with a slight breeze, or incredibly torrential rain.
Decade: 80s80s80s80s80s80s80s80s. :D
Seasons: Autumn.
Time: 6pm.
Article of Clothing: Haven't I already answered this? Hmm, I'll say jeans.
Dessert: Sachertorte Anything involving chocolate.
TV show: Oh, gosh. I'll go with True Blood right now.
Author: Scott Westerfeld or Patrick Ness or Kevin Brooks.
Flower: Rose.
Movie: *shrug*
Director: Tarantino
Actor: *shrug*
Song: I don't know. Right nowI have Girl With One Eye by Florence and the Machine in my head.
Band: *shrug*
Holiday: Christmas.
Poet: *shrug*


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