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How many people here are still active on MX MDW?

What do you do?  Forums?  RPs?

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Sure :) Even though I don't do most roleplays, but I think I can make one more exception.
YES!!! So very much.
I'm there. Forums mostly, and I rate a fanfic here and there.
I can't look at fanfics. The make me depressed, looking at the writing of my generation.

Not that I could do any better, but I at least know that they're not good.
I wrote one in my free time a while back. It isn't edited well, but if you're interested, it's there, and it's better than the other junk on there.
My page is still there, though I haven't visited the site in like a month. Mainly because twice now I've had groups with over forty members that the mods have taken down for no apparent reason whatsoever.
I chill in the "Relationships" section because it's more crawly with interesting people than the Small Talk section is nowdays. Or at least more stimulating conversation (as opposed to games and such).
Um.... If someone replies to the the Anti thread I'll add them.

Most of the people I would stalk are gone or inactive. I'll /occasionally/ flick through the forums, but...
I'm still there, though hardly active. Mainly hanging around chat, and posting in the forum every now and then.

I'll go on the forums and lurk a lot.

Never, ever touching chat again.
I'm still there, but I don't post much anymore?


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