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Title says it all.

I'll start:
I clean my room when I'm pissed off.

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I once ate an entire half-pound bag of brown sugar in one sitting, purely for the sake of not wanting to carry it around.
I can lick my elbow.

Really. >.> My class demands I do it when we have a new kid.

I have a video somewhere. My sister took it. It's not impossible apparently. That or I'm cheating, somehow...
Either you must have
A) Short arms
B) A long tongue
C) Some way of dislocating your shoulder.
A combination of A and B. I can touch my nose with my tongue and I'm short, thus short arms.
I'm paranoid, and never give out any information over the internet.
Pyloric stenosis runs in the women of my dad's side of the family; alcoholism and depression run in my mother's side.

That's not really about myself, though.

My spine kinks about 20 degrees to the left. Scoliosis, woo.

And thanks to unencouraging family history -- both my parents have arthritis -- it is entirely possible that I have arthritis. Fuck hell.

We're scoliosis buddies. XP
Something you might not guess about me:
I used to do ballet. My partner and I were pretty good, too.

Random fact:
I can touch my elbows together behind my back.
XDDD Did you really?

I did ballet when I was like, four. We kind of sucked. I remember almost strangling myself with the fluffy skirt thingy. That's about it.
XD Yeah. Until I was like, 10/11, actually.
I can't dance, but. . . I can waltz. While dribbling a basketball, I might add. Or I could 1-2 summers ago. XD

I really wish I did step dance. . .

XD I. . . didn't hate the dress. I hated the idiots in the class. Especially when they'd give us a little off time, uh, it was horrid. x.x

I don't remember anything from ballet. I did ballet/tap/gymnastics all when I was 3-4, but stopped right after, so....
XD I need to find someone who can/will do that with me, so I could learn to do it again. *thinks that'd be the coolest thing ever to do for one of the formal parties I have to go to soon*

I did gymnastics for years. I loved it. Then. . . .pratty instructors came along and I discovered basketball, and I had a marvelous coach for it, too. *has medals* *got in the paper when I was like 7 for it, too*

I only did ballet, because it was the only way my parents would let me do gymnastics for a good while. XD Then. . . . .not that I liked it, I liked being fairly good at it, and doing so without trying. *stuck with it for a while after they didn't force it* The music for ballet is always so lovely, too. . .


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