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Was he even trying?

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well...considering how well the last book turned out...i'm thinking no.

Alzhimers reduces creativity.

But my titles are no better :/

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimers.
I doubt it. But I'd rather have a simple one like that than Water Wings. *gag*
There is already a book called water wings...but I can't remember who wrote it
Next 5 books will be:
Fang: A Fang Ride novel
Iggy: An Iggy Griffiths novel
Nudge: A Nudge Ride novel
Gazzy: A Gazzy Ride novel
Angel: An Angel Ride novel.

Well, not really, but I wouldn't be surprised. I've given up on this series. Or, well, they're calling these new books 'the Protecters Cycle'. Everyone should've given up on that.
At some point someone theorized about a Jebcentric book with an equally creative title.

Now that I could go for.
It would be interesting to know the story from Jeb's view, how he was involved in Itex and which side he is actually on.

But i don't think JP is smart enough to come up with a decent back story for him.
Which is why I'm stuck with that job. :|

Damn you, JP.

Letting a Jeb fangirl write his backstory?

That's just cruel.

But I, um, digress.
The majority of readers can't recognise patronising ill-plotted crap... I doubt they'd appreciate seeing things from the other side. They only read for Max's 'snark' and implications of Fax.
What is the world coming to, when people are so blinded by "fax" that they can't recognize the epic fail of a novel.
I know, right? I mean, look at the first two chapters of FANG....the mushiness is unbelievable. I may run MR sites, but there's no way I'm reading that book. You'd have to hold a gun to my head. >./body>
Well, that everyone should be able to go for. Let me know when the story is done. You should be able to create a more than decent back story for anyone.


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