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TTS was fun and the good, awesome, interesting people were all still active and not banned...

And I didn't have to hide and pretend I don't like Mraz or GO or Neil Gaiman. Or that I don't know people or what used to happen. I HATE BEING AN ALT.

*hardly applicable to this site*
...people used cassette tape players to listen to music?

...Disney's Hercules came theaters? had these nifty little devices:

There, I think I've sufficiently dated myself.
To the first and the third: YES
:DDDD I love those.


I remember all three, eat a dick :C
I have a newspaper somewhere from the day I was born. It still calls Russia "The Soviets."
We are old XP
I remember all three, and I still listen to a few cassettes sometimes.
I had, like, fifteen Whinnie The Pooh ViewMaster sets.
First and third, most definitely yes.

I would have been old enough to remember Hercules, 'cept I never saw it.
I do have vague, and not terribly complete memories of seeing Lion King at the drive in though....
*smooths hair back*

Heh heh heh
Dude, I haven't seen you in ages. . . .
Hope you've been well. :D


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