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Welcome to the Secret Confessions thread. Beyond the pure anonymity of the internet, there lies a certain level of understanding behind all the accounts here on FF. The SC account carries burden of allowing the user to give a candid, private confession with (hopefully) understanding feedback. The SC thread is for other posters to give kind and/or helpful advice, words of empathy, or a secret of their own (under the SC name or not).

This account is a group account, and EVERYONE needs to treat it respectfully. By posting under the Secret Confessor, you are pledging to refrain from hate mail, "finger-pointing", insulting and being a jerkface. By posting in the SC thread, you are pledging to keep the comments respectful. This has not yet been a problem, but it's nice to have written down "just in case".

If you would like to use the SC account for ANY reason beside posting in this thread, please PM me- even if it's under the SC name (this is not to exert authority, but to maintain order over a very accessible account).

Thank you!

Password: secret

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We have meat pies, but they're pretty uncommon so far as I know. I've only encountered them in the mining town where my mother grew up.
XD Pasties are delicious.

How odd. Do you have sausage rolls, then?

And, if you don't know of meat pies, how on earth would one follow along with Sweeney Todd?
The best time was going to London, where there were cheap corner stalls selling Cornish pasties. mmm.

Sausage rolls... I've never eaten one, but they exist.

We know about them, but no one eats them really.
Alice's view on pastry:
Cornish pasties in London are D:
Cornish pasties anywhere but Cornwall are D:
Cornish pasties in Cornwall are :D
Meat pies are :DD

Also, how have you never eaten a sausage roll?! Do they not have Greggs over there? o.o
I wish I could've gone to Cornwall, now...

But it is pretty much impossible to find a pastie anywhere in the States except, in my experience, South Dakota, where there's one lady who makes them in the tiny mining town where my mom grew up. Delicious, but hard to find.

No. I've seen them occasionally at fairs, and some gross frozen ones.
In my opinion, pasties and cream teas are the only good thing about Cornwall... whereas I would happily live in London. :D

Ooooh. o.o *wants*
Here you can buy pasties from pretty much any bakery/supermarket/Greggs shop. But actual good pasties are hard to find. It's pretty much the only thing I eat when we go to Cornwall. XD

Strange. Make some? It's so worth it... but then again, I am mildly pastry/food-obsessed.

And now I'm craving pastry, dammit. *goes to raid kitchen*
His brother says he's going to ask me out on Wednesday.

EEP!! And that's totally stupid and you won't care, but this is huge for me.

And I won't even have to go to prom as an excuse, because my mother loves him. Which initially freaked me out that I would like someone she approved of, but maybe this is just the universe working things out in my favor this time.
So, my girlfriend's mom exploded again.

Was doing band door-to-door to raise money, her and her brother were with me, and I was guiding the adult chaperone to my house so she could park. Brother is for some reason shouting loudly and annoying my girlfriend, and it's not letting me give directions. So I say "Shut up, DJ!" and keep giving directions while he starts going "you should have just said be quiet" (he's in seventh grade, I think he's man enough to take it), but we get to my house. Evidently, he did not let this go, so this combined with me eternally telling him to stop doing stupid things, he tells their mother that I was "mean" to him. Somehow, now, her mother thinks I'm a horrible person, even though she's talked to me, so here's the list of punishments Jordyn gets:
1. She won't get a cell phone this year.
2. She can't go to homecoming
3. She can't date me until she's 18 and a half.
4. She can't go early to band anymore, she has to arrive "on time", which is late
5. She can't stay after school at all.
6. She can't call friends or talk to them with any means of communication while she's at home.

One good thing did come out of this, she's not blaming herself for everything, instead her little brother, who's a moronic crybaby. Before she always blamed herself for things like this, and she didn't deserve it.

Oh dear... That's awful. Her mom needs a butt whoopin'. Tea?
Orange soda.
And I can never feel angry about her mom. Jordyn's dad was, well, yeah. I can understand being protective, but there's only so much.


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