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I'm hearing good things from the max-x forum, but i want an anti-fans opinion.

Without giving anything away (cause i won't get the book for a whole month...maybe more) is it any better? Or is it just a load of Fax?

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I'm not entirely sure how people read it that fast!
I went to the book store today (Monday) in search of an A.P. study guide, and I asked the guy at the counter when "Max" would come out, he said "tomorrow, books come out on Tuesdays".
Now it is 38 minutes after midnight, the book has been out a whopping 38 minutes and somehow enough people managed to read it to post like, 35 threads on max-x.
I don't get it.
Some people work at bookstores at get them free-that seems to be where the majority of the reviews are coming from.
I don't have it, but I'll get it to get up to speed. Grr. It's supposed to be just a bit better than 4, which isn't nearly good enough.
I have a new favorite character (screw Fang!) Gor! You'll love him when you meet him too!
I met Gor. Didn't it say he was shaped like a giant pickle?
It was a total snoozefest for me. Just Fax, I got the impression.

So basically I read it in 40 minutes, and all I took away was that it'd be a really cool Lovecraft crossover.
I think I might parody it as I read it... it's going to be a fucking long while before I even touch it, the library hasn't got it in and there's 31 slow-reading morons waiting for it before me.
Better than TFW, but not nearly good enough for me to say JP made up for his other epic fails. The only reason everyone on M-X is going ballistic with happiness is because of the nauseating Fax.
I thought it might have been that... all the good comments seemed to be about that. I'm probably going to want to kill myself before it's over.
And not a hint of Figgy?

Ugh, i'm glad i'm getting it on the cheap :/
They didn't talk, but Fang did (I think) Pull on Iggy's (and Angel's) hand when they needed to muster at the front of the sub...

heehee muster...sub...XD
There was a bit of Iggy/Gazzy stuff...


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