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I don't really feel like wasting money on this shit, so can someone give me a little summary?

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Starts off with a truly epic porn plot: Max has to fuck Dylan For The Good Of Mankind.


Then there's a plane crash and nothing happens for 200 pages, at which point Paris explodes and Angel gets kidnapped.


Also, there's a dull sideplot involving the "Doomsday Group" who are literally cribbing one from the Zero Population Growth movement.

Also, Max 2 is now working with Fang, and Hans, Jeb, and Valencia Martinez are missing.


Additionally, Ella ran off to the Doomsday group hoping that they'd attach wings to her back so she could be with Iggy, whom she is madly in love with.


But yeah, that pretty much covers it.

Holy Jesus.  Maybe I'll buy it.
I'd say it's the most worthwhile one since STW. There's this lovely scene where it's just Max and Fang shouting at each other for the entire chapter.
With insults such as "butt face" and "poop head", no doubt?
Actually, Fang remains fairly sensible in his argument. It's Max flinging the weak insults.


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