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Can someone explain poetic metrics to me? Like, I know iambic pentameter is da-DUM-da-DUM etc.

But there are trochees and something about ballads that screw with me constantly...
If this is a standard ballad, you are going to have an iambic meter (unstressed, stressed) "A hundred times I could not hit the mark."
With a typical ballad you alternate between four and three iambic pieces per line.

Is the thing that's messing with you ballad wise a refrain?

Trochee is the inverse of iambic (stressed, unstressed) "Trees though sturdy are not stiffened ."
I knew EndOf would be here in a millisecond.

*looks up* Dactyl and Anapest... Those are the ones I'm having trouble with. I mean, I get it when it's just one word, but in a poem, it's hard to recognize because I naturally stress every other syllable when I'm reading poetry for some reason. :3

And I have no idea what the hell this 'spondee' shit is.
Predictable EndOf...
You naturally stress every other syllable because most english-speakers speak mostly in iambic without even thinking about it.
"Could you please hand me the remote?" as an example, is iambic.

When figuring it out, I'd recommend looking at the last word of the line. Don't even bother with the rest of the line.

Dactyl is a weird one, that's stressed, followed by two unstressed, ending with either a stressed or a stressed and a single unstressed. Here's a famous example.
Raindrops on/ roses and/ whiskers on/ kittens;
Bright copper/ kettles and/ warm woolen/ mittens;
Brown paper/ packages/ tied up with/ strings;
These are a/ few of my/ favorite/ things.

Anapest is Dactyl backwards, two unstressed and a stressed, no weird endings.
Like the first bits of the Army song about the canons:
Over hill/ over dale/ we will hit/ dusty trail.
I know it's actually "the dusty trail", but that breaks with my example

Spondees don't occur often in poetry, it's two stressed syllables right next to each other, usually at the beginning of the line.
I can't come up with an example of one offhand.

Oh... I get it. Thank ya' very much. *bookmarks for later*
Well... I missed the day of school where they taught us how to be horribly luffable, and I know that's your area of expertise...
Mmmm... Yes, you really are.
YES. My thread. What I say goes.
Okay I haven't gotten my actual grade back yet, but I my teacher told me what score I got. She said I got a 65, yet the only thing I could think of that I did wrong was I forgot to press enter and indent for a third paragraph. Which was only worth 3 points. So doesn't 100-3=97? Not 65? I could've gotten points off on a few other things but a 65? That's not normal for me. It was in a writing piece and the last time I wrote something she said she loved it and thought I was a really good writer. So did I just hear her wrong or something?
Attach it, and explain the prompt, and I can probably tell you why.
It was pretty much just say whatever that's somewhat inspiring and you get a good grade. Just say what you thought about this poem and video and a few other things. It doesn't even have to specifically refer to the things we watched on it. She even said most people would want to save it for their portfolios. I attached it, if you really care enough to read it. I wrote it a while ago, but we just got the grades back today.

We Are 99.9% Alike and .1% Different

Human are 99.9% alike and .1% different. But believe it or not, that .1% can have a big impact. Take wars for example, or bullying. The list could go on and on. So many bad things have happened to humans that was caused by other humans. People need to realize that we are all almost completely the same. We all mostly feel the same way when people tease us, feel the same pain when a bullet goes through us. Why would anyone do that? Humans think so highly of themselves, as if you were the only person important in the universe, as if everything depends on you. We think we’re so important when we’re not. As John Mayer says in Say (The song) “Take out all your so called problems. Better put them in quotations”. We think that it’s okay for just us to break the rules. Hitler probably thought it was just okay to kill all the Jews. He killed many, many people and some of them and many of them could have been pretty closely related to him. Why did he choose Jews? What had they ever done?
People sometimes say “That’s not human!” when someone does something that sounds wrong to them. But what do they mean by “human” anyways? People kill other people every day and think nothing of it. That statement sounds very wrong considering all the things us humans do. What’s so great about being human? Why would anyone even want to be human? I can only think of one thing, to change human ways. Young children (and other people too, but mostly young children) sometimes have dreams about monsters. I wonder if animals dream about monsters, and those monsters are us. How do animals think of humans? I can imagine a deer thinking “Oh those humans. One day they will have us all dead. I should stay away from them”. Maybe the reasons animals run away from our own stupidity. Like Roald Dahl says in The BFG “’Human beans is the only animal that is killing their own kind’”. I couldn’t come up with something to defend humans after that. We fight wars all the time, it’s almost as if we’re fighting our brothers and sisters. So many people choose to live in the past and it weakens us more than anything. If we could just live in the now so many problems could be resolved. Is peace and working together on one small, blue dot so much to ask for? Why can’t we work as a team? Team Earth. Team humans. It feels like it can never be accomplished. Why can’t people respect each other’s opinion? It just seems silly, and plain outrageous that someone would want to fight over a tiny portion of a blue dot. Does it really feel good to kill for a little piece of land? If the people who have started wars had done this project would they still have started these wars? Even if they knew how small we really are would they have started them? People fight for land and then end up trashing it. We were the ones who started global warming, so shouldn’t we be the ones to stop it? Are we just too lazy? What kind of name does that give humans? Are we going to wait for others to save us? We are the only ones that can. Think of the animals and plants. They did nothing at all, yet they suffer from something we created. I’ve noticed that sometimes when people don’t want something to be true they decide not to believe it. They become so afraid to face their fears that it becomes a fear within itself. Why do we do this? Why do we pretend everything is alright when, clearly, nothing is. We are living lies just so we don’t have to face our fears. The human ways are a mystery that will never be solved.


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