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The Crowley vs. Fake Fang vs. Dual Duel Thread

Three enter the discussion. One leaves with the right to be Mr. Kay. The other't.


Yeah, it's as lame as it sounds.


Dual's points: 1


Crowley's points: 5

Fake Fang's points: 2

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You are so amusing. xD
Your move, bitch.
See above, fool. Contra just called me amusing.

One point for me.

Your move.
She called us amusing. Not you. She was clearly talking about both of us.
Psh. As if.

Very well, I'll give you this one because I'm being nice. We both get a point.

My move:

You're a pathological liar.
Oy, dude. Not fair.

You can't do things that apply to both of us.
Very well...old man.

I'm both the top third member on this site and have the third highest discussion. (Check out the leaderboards for proof.) Two points for me.
Old man? How do you figure?

...Very well. Two points for you.

Well, Contra thinks my name is sexy. Two points for me.
You're an oldie. I, however, am fresh.

Two points? Why two?
Meh. Oldie=experience. Fresh=newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwb.

Because someone other than us complimented one of us.
Grr. Whatever. Three points for you, I guess.

Fine. Let's see...oh, your parodies suck.


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