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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

Here is where we'll work on organizing the ARG material into the dates available. Since this will be a weekday-centric ARG, only those will be listed.

ARG Days available
Completely Open (2 materials wanted): 0

Could use at least one more material: 1 (Jan 31)

Total Additional Materials Wanted: 1


The day that we are on will be marked with a red arrow (<==). Completed days will be covered with strikethroughs.


Jan 15
-Opening of the Box
-A post on the box's contents at-a-glance.
-A post by Elena, "Why I'm here, please help me."

-Autopsy Report

-Anne's first letter to Janssen

Jan 17 

-Janssen interviews ter Borcht

-German letter


Jan 18 

-How to construct a bird kid (audio)

-Borcht's note and diagram

Jan 19

-Problems with modifications to Erasers

-Checkup on Max

Jan 20 

-Borcht note on Flock psychology

-Repost of article from Washington Examiner

Jan 21

-Puzzle 1

-SOF article on tB

Jan 24 
-Solution 1
-Post on Site 1 Contents

-Jeb's idea

Jan 25

-Borcht and INTERPOL

-Super-Eraser memo


Jan 26

-Memo Re Escaped Subjects

-Voice Letter

Jan 27

-Audio regarding IHL break in.
-IHL letter from G-H

Jan 28

-Re Uber-Director

-Puzzle 2

Jan 31 
-Solution 2
-Post on Site 2 Contents

(Nathan, I think you may have forgotten the audio about the break-in last week. May as well post it today and apologize for lateness)

Feb 1

-Audio on winged Erasers.

-Anne on TAE


Feb 2

-Anne "I have them"

-Letter from Pruitt


Feb 3 

-Borcht back from institution

-Janssen "Benign Mutations"


Feb 4 

-Phone Conference

-Puzzle 3

Feb 7 
-Soulution 3
-Post on Site 3 Contents

-STW memos*


Feb 8 

-Letter on Itex damages*

-Max,Marian, Borcht interview


Feb 9

-Borcht on interview with mutants

-Flyboy letter*


Feb 10  

-TIME on Itex destruction

-Itex Verdict*

-Elena discusses her woes.

Feb 11

-Borcht's epiphany

-Puzzle 4

Feb 13 
-Solution 4
-Ending Message from tB.
-Ending Post by Elena.

Feb 14 and beyond <==

We laugh, and laugh, and laugh...

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We're on the last week.


Please run through the last documents and check for spelling errors, etc, so we don't need to deal with any other issues.


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