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As I mentioned previous times, I wished to write a history of the fandom.
I intend on doing it in three parts.
1) Conception (book 2) and the old blog
2) MX and Anti Dominence
3) Summer 2009 and current day.

We are starting with number 1.
I can easily type up things regarding the book, however I wasn't really around (except a bi-monthly glance at the featured posts). So, I need names, dates, big events. Remember this is centered at the MR community as a whole, not just the Antis, so if there were dates that were important to them (maybe something crazy happened around a book release?) Give 'em

I'll update the OP as we move through the parts.

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*shrugs* I remember Fang's blog-mostly how it actually had a slight storyline, and was updated with everyday facts about the flock's everyday adventures. A birthday party, thanksgiving, looking through a library, something about Iggy being allergic to bubble-gum...that sort of thing. That's about it-I didn't really participate.
Um, this is just off the top of my head.
This is also stuff that's personally important to me, but prolly not to anyone else.

The old blog was epic. Yes, I was a squee back then, but "Fang" often answered fan questions or posted old-school music videos. Stuff like that.

The modcident was April. Longest week of my life.

I think rape threads are important to mention. For me, I called that my hazing.
Huggle parties as well.

Back when I began to crawl to the forums, the Antis were the class-clown troublemakers. Making hysterical threads, swearing in their own fun way, and eating up the squees.
I remember when I first made the decision to be an Anti, and I remember telling someone, "Join us. We have way more fun."
The Antis weren't very vocally disliked until the mods showed up,. The mods were shocked that they didn't receive instant respect, so they decided to make an example out of the loud kids in class.

You joined fairly recently, EndOf, so you don't remember back when I was really well-known.
I was scary.
I murdered squees.
Some of the Antis didn't even like me, I was so harsh.
I remember the first real conversation I had with Lampy. She was all, "Some Antis use their label as an excuse to bash people." I was like, "...YUP. KINDA."

Anyone remember The Legion of Intelligent Guillotines? Or the Resistance? And the Neutrals? Vincent Von Hex. The no-longer Anti, right?

I'm looking at our list. Oh my god.
Remember SmartA55? Happi Zebra? Shay? thefourthbooksucks? chercherlecirque?
Saiki? Pyro? Fake Fang? And of course, Muraki Kazutaka.
I don't know if any of these people have alters/are still on, I just remember good times with those people.

Who remembers the Anti-fan quiz? That MUST be included. I wish someone kept a copy, it was so useful. When I first took it, I got Anti. I was severely upset.

I feel like we need to include a list of our super-squees. Like, SWEET N' SOUR, Princess of Tasmania, and...shit. There's like five more.

AND PATRICK! We cannot forget him. (No, not you. Homophobic, god-playing, Anti-stabbing newb. Good times.)

Those were just my random musings. I'll try to come up with something a little more structured.
Dude, that was so much fun to read....

I loved thefourthbooksucks. She was awesome. And, according to that one newb who hated me, she was also my boyfriend, I'm not really sure how that works.

Patrick! (We have two cool Patricks here, this is confusing.)
I remember within the first month of me being on the forums, I got into a threeway argument with 4th and some random other member. I remember being called a "cute little fucktard." xDD
XD I was such a lurker, I didn't actually post on the forums (minus like, one or two that are long since lost) until around the time the mods showed up, just before.

This summer, when nobody else was online, 4th and I would both go on chat at the same time and try to dominate it and scare all the chatters. Just because we could. XD
I spent about a month obsessively on Chat. (That's why there are so many crazies on my friends list.)
Lol, the Legion is what brought me to MX.

I still talk to Vince, like, every day >.> but I couldn't shed any light on whether hes Anti or not XD
Yes. And I agree with Megan, /so/ much fun to read.

Just to add, Anti-fans Unite. I loved that thread, was pretty much my introduction to the forums.

The Purple Mafia, as well. You can't have a history without them.

And if we're mentioning Patrick, we can't forget Canary girl, I think her name was Katie Lynn or something. Managed to get elected Queen of the Newbs.

Uh... what else. I'll add stuff as I think of it.
XD Katie Lynn Canary. I luff her.
That was a brilliant wedding.
The fandom was around before book two -- the forum layout changed after that book was announced.

I'm on my phone and ded tired or I'd infodump on you moar. Sorry.

Also, Ranting -- I was, am, and always will be Muraki Kazutaka. Hi there.
Oh, I know. And I love it. (It took me forever to be able to pronounce that U/N in my head. xD )


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