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Reports of my death have been vastly exaggerated.

What's happened is that I accidentally bricked my laptop, Ringo, by way of cleverly downloading a virus or three. Ringo's gone in to be repaired by people who know what they're doing, but in the meantime I'm without a computer, and I don't know when/if I'll be getting Ringo back.

In the meantime... I'll try to keep on top of things via my phone.

Peace out, yo.

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*offers tea*



Danke schoen. Delicious had better have the ability to back up my bookmarks...
Thanks. I hope that the situation is resolved quickly. I also have at least two ways to message you (and you to message me) so feel free to spam my inbox if you need to get an idea across.
I should be able to be back by Friday with a computer that doesn't suck >.>;;
That's when the ARG starts. Is there anything I can do to expedite the fix or contact you while your computer is off being gutted/repaired/replaced?

Alas, no. A really irritating amount of this is up to my parents, who have kindly offered to help me replace my current computer. As such, you might have to run the first day of the ARG. Might. If luck is with me, I'll be around to run it.


Contacting me? My email routes to my phone, so yes, I'll be able to keep in contact. Posting things? That's the question.


Also, my current computer is a hunk of junk, so yes, I'm getting it totally replaced. Oh God.

It's a camera phone, I hope? I don't have the cardboard box and sticker.
Indeed it is.
Argued my dad into going laptop shopping tomorrow rather than Friday, so I should be settled in by the time we begin the ARG. It seems this story has a happy ending.


Anything I can do to help with anything?


In the meantime, a few people are starting to reestablish themselves on MDW. Suddenly I'm seeing familiar tones and voices in the forum. It's very nice.

I should be good -- I have all my files backed up and ready to go (except for my Gemcraft saves, pssh).


I kind of miss MX in a way, but college has let me express my "argue some crazy fucking thing into the ground" side very nicely. And I actually interact face-to-face in college, too.

XD I know what you mean. My last English class had an online forum that we were required to post on. By the end the class awarded me the "Poster who took the most metaphors beyond what was necessary" award.


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