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This was brought up on the other thread some time ago, and I figured that it would be a fun idea to give the topic a kick and its own thread name. So:

Which date/time?
(How about a month, for starters? The link below is old and no good)

Preferred conference system? --Tinychat!

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Fishy, Xuut, Lamp and I video chatting this Friday over ooVoo. We can let you know how well that works for all of us.

I'm definitely up for one giant video call with everyone.

It would be... interesting. I think I'd be up for it, though.

Dunno anything about technical aspects.

Yes yes yes! This will be fun.

Sure why not.

I chat sometimes with tumblr people on tinychat. Seems to work well.

I'm down.

Sure, yeah. Tinychat works pretty well, and any time because I don't have a goddamn life.

So I'm gathering that Tinychat is the system of choice. Date?

I am so down for this. and so excited for Friday. edsfjjlksdfnksd 

Maybe sometime the week before/after Christmas? 

I'm super busy beforehand due to school (although most of you guys are uni students now so I'd expect that's roughly the same, yes? just finishing exams and what not this week/next week?) and ECs but am good once we start to get close to Christmas. 

I can't do the 20th though because I have a Winter Formal dance.

Also, timezone considerations are important too. Like say if Omega wanted to come, she's all the way over in NZ so we ought to be pick a reasonable time. 

I dunno, do multiple and rotate time for timezones?

I'm busy until the new year, doubtful be able to during the break. D:

And random, but for tinychat do you need an account/software?

Tinychat all you need is Flash. It's free and runs in your browser -- with more than about six people on video it can tend to bog down, though.

Also, I may be out of state the week of Christmas, but other than that, as long as I have some notice I should be good. And for time -- I'm willing to stay up all hours for chitchat.

I'd definitely need a heads-up; I'll have to borrow a friend's laptop to participate.

As long as I know in advance, though, any time should be ok.

I'm likely to not be available from the 20th through to February.

On the other hand, I have no issues with the time. If you guys are thinking evening it's the afternoon for me.


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