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This was brought up on the other thread some time ago, and I figured that it would be a fun idea to give the topic a kick and its own thread name. So:

Which date/time?
(How about a month, for starters? The link below is old and no good)

Preferred conference system? --Tinychat!

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I know, right?  >.>

All math and language finals here are on the Sat preceding finals week.  Which is is as ghastly as it is nice to have it out of the way. XD

I'm in! :D 

My laptop is back, so I'm good.
Heads up might be a bit late since I'll be at a student rally until 5-6-ish my time. (MST)

Same, dragged into a family dinner.

So I know I'm late, and everyone's late, but is there a link or something? Or anyone else who can actually do it atm?

Wait, is it tonight or tomorrow?

I thought it was tonight, but maybe I got my dates mixed up. 

Yes, it's tonight, and since we're almost an hour past the estimated start time, I'm gonna go ahead and post a link to a chat:


I'm already there, and am cooking dinner :V

My computer suddenly crashed and I need to leave :/

It's a shame, my audio and video started working 30 seconds after you left.

Wow, we got at least 7 people on over the course of the night! Based on this success, I'm going to set up another planner for April. Up for it?


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