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This was brought up on the other thread some time ago, and I figured that it would be a fun idea to give the topic a kick and its own thread name. So:

Which date/time?
(How about a month, for starters? The link below is old and no good)

Preferred conference system? --Tinychat!

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Yusss. Second on and last to leave.

Sorry to have missed it. :(

-headdesk- I always forget everything important...

I totally missed this while I was in the hospital, huh? :c Damn. But I'm out now so yay.

I think we all agreed that we should do this again, so maybe we can plan another now that you're out. c:

That would be awesome.


I'm not free February 15th or February 22nd (concerts), but basically any other weekend should be good for me and I REALLY want to participate this time since I missed out last year!

We should absolutely do another one! How far out are we planning, though?

Let's say Now through May, since that's the length of time before summer and when most people have a radical schedule change.

I'd appreciate it if we avoided long weekends.  Things always seem to go crazy on long weekends. . . .


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