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This was brought up on the other thread some time ago, and I figured that it would be a fun idea to give the topic a kick and its own thread name. So:

Which date/time?
(How about a month, for starters? The link below is old and no good)

Preferred conference system? --Tinychat!

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I'm good for the second weekend in march, and if there's a time that works on the 21st/22nd/23rd of feb that would be perfect, though obviously not while Fate is at a concert. 

Oh shit man I have a crazy schedule.

In terms of days, general preference is given to the weekends because I need to steal good wifi from the university which means I have to actually go down there and find a place where people will judge me less.

That being said the weekend of 21st/22nd/23rd of Feb I'll be busy pretty much all of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for Model UN. I'm free the later half of Saturday (past 3 PM MST). Feb 8th I'm busy till around 4 PM MST as well, but anytime after that is good.
Not sure about how free I'll be the 15th/16th weekend because it's the start of reading week for all my friends which means that they actually have time to hangout.

So it's looking like March, eh?

Not really relevant since Xuut is busy that weekend, but I did have one of the concert dates wrong. So I'm busy the 15th and the 17th, but otherwise good and most plans can be cancelled for like clubs and such.

I'm free more often than not, but my laptop with a built in webcam is broken. I think I've got a plug-in webcam around somewhere though.

My spring break is March 9th-16th, so I'm pretty much out for that weekend. Sorry, guys.

Same for the following two weeks. D:

Yoooo is anyone still interested in this? Because I'm super bitter that I missed the last one. I mean, I was a little busy (hospital, cancer, bleh), but still.

Sure! Give a date and I'll see if I can make it.

Not sure how often people check this spot though. You may be better of with facebook.

I'm totally down for it! Now that I'm in college, I can participate just about any evening.

October 24 or 25th, maybe? So it's a weekend, but before NaNo starts, for anyone attempting that this year.

I'm giving it a 50/50. I might be going to see my younger brother in college that weekend.


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