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This was brought up on the other thread some time ago, and I figured that it would be a fun idea to give the topic a kick and its own thread name. So:

Which date/time?
(How about a month, for starters? The link below is old and no good)

Preferred conference system? --Tinychat!

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I won't be available from the 19th to January 5th. But pretty much any other time is good.

Um, I'm away 20th Dec to the 10th of Jan. And then 21st-26th of Jan. Otherwise, it'll depend on work, but I don't get my shifts until a week beforehand, so... 

But this is lovely. And sorry I couldn't make it to the other one. 

Timing, just don't do a lunch date. The later the better for me. 

Follow through here:

Based on what I've heard, a March meetup is preferable, what with Omega being gone through Feb, so I've selected all of March except Sundays.

So I filled mine out, but it's not 100% accurate based on when my IB stuff is due (usually week before March break or earlier which means I will literally disappear from the world for a bit) and also if I make it to Debate Provincials. If I don't, then March 9th is good. 

Based on user feedback, it looks like our best shot is Friday 15.

Preferred system? The consensus seems to be tinychat, but if you've had a change of heart, now's the time to mention it!

The date sounds good. :)

I'd prefer Oovoo (I used this with Fate and Lamp) because it doesn't charge me to get the app on my phone. :V Video doesn't work on my laptop for reasons beyond my comprehension (and desire to fix it) so I tend to use my phone for these things. I believe it can have several video feeds as well which is nice. :) 

What time frame are we looking at?


I will probably be shitfaced at a party by then -- is any earlier possible?

Will see, no guarantees, might have a later alternative date based on attendance.

I have calc final that next day.  v.v

Yeah, if someone wants to bug me after it starts to pop in, that'd be cool. 

On a Saturday?


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