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I can't believe we don't have this thread, I went through all the threads looking for it.  Brought back such memories, too.  :D  Tell me if I, however, missed it.


So, pretty self explainatory.  What are you currently reading?  'Tis appreciated if you'd also say whether or not you'd recommend/not recommend the book, too, so everyone can expand their reading list.  :D 


I'm curretly reading:

 - Symphony of Ages Seires -- Elizabeth Haydon.  They're great.  I'm adoring them.

 - The Messenger -- Markus Zusak.  'Tis lovely.  Very down-to-Earth, great writing style, fast moving without too much action. 

 - The Gates -- John Connolly.  Only a few pages into it.  'Tis beyond amazing, though.  I love this author.


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Currently working my way through Brave New World for English and hoping to acquire The Son of Neptune from a friend soon.

Alice in Wonderland by Caroll :D

Interpretation of Dreamsby Freud D:

and a self-published work by a classmate of mine :/

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland = my favorite book of all time. Hope you enjoy it.


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