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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Wildblood64. :D
QuillDream146. :D
Whoa, ignored much?

I still don't have my Pottermore letter. I just give up. *flings paper in air*

I only got mine yesterday. >.>


Don't give up! It's awesome!

...Don't you have to wait for october?

Unless you registered during that seven-day question thing.

Playing the Minecraft 1.9 Pre-release on creative mode.

The Nether is fun. There are ginormous castles there with weird fire things. Still haven't found any villiagers or a mushroom biome yet.

So homecoming was last night and it kind of sucked and it kind of didn't and I haven't decided which way I feel yet.


What is really consequential is the fact that it made me put off all of my homework until today, and I'm damn tired of working. Dx

Homecoming was awesome.


I went to dinner with my friends, danced a lot at the dance and made a fool of myself, and we all took vaguely sketchy photos of ourselves in a variety of poses. Yes, including me, the guy. (All my friends are girls now, to clarify. Uh, not that they were ever guys. I'm just not close with my old guy friends anymore, although we still talk.)


It was fabulous.

Tons of girl friends, not very close to the other guys...

Wanna cyber date? ;)

So, today, I realized that I must really like this guy, because I'm not willing to pursue it.

I pursue most of my crushes. (Usually, I see no reason not to. Go after it early on. It doesn't work, you don't get hurt as much. It does work, you get the chance to see where things go.)

But this time, I don't really want to scare him off.

It's just...whoa.


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