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Getting ready to go to Scarowinds. :DDD

I just dyed my hair dark red. I like it. A lot. :D I also got my new vampire fangs fitted. They're awesome.

I can't find my corset I want though... >/p>

Spent ten hours at the local Uni for Debate because of late registrations and assholes Calgarians. 


Novice category was pretty chill. One of our kids got best speech AND HE WASN'T THERE SO HE COULDN'T DEBATE AND WIN HIS FUCKING TROPHY. And I stayed for an extra hour to get his damn plague and I was the only one from our school so no one even cheered. I am now plotting a treasure hunt for him to find it and hitting and screaming at him on Monday. 


Open was just fucking ridiculous. 


Basically since we were not OSA or Aberhart we were always paired up and against Aberhart and OSA. Which meant we never got any other team than OSA or Aberhart as a partner (and they ALL think the same, it's so funny). OSA is not too bad, mostly they are nice people. Aberhart is so hated amongst everyone apparently even CALGARY doesn't fucking like them. I thought my teammates were being dramatic about how much of an asshole Calgary was. 


They weren't kidding. 


Basically in Open category for this debate we were allowed to do squirreling. Which was basically you had three choices:

A.) Go with the given resolution and play it straight. It's the fairest (and more boring) way to do it. Novice HAS to follow this way. 
B.) Use a slightly connected resolution. It has SOME correlation to the given resolution but it doesn't matter. Not as easy as A but it does get interesting.
C.) Fuck the resolution, make it whatever you want. INCREDIBLY amusing if you're government, not so much if you're opp.

What everyone other than Calgary did: Typically picked topics they a.) did before b.) like and felt both sides could argue well. They did not do research. 
What Calgary did: Researched topics, contentions, and WROTE FUCKING SPEECHES. Then they basically ignored your opinion. Also, apparently they REUSED THEIR RESOLUTIONS. That's just dirty. No one does that. 


Then, to make it worse they sang their cheer. "I SAY ABER, YOU SAY HART! ABER! HART! ABER! HAR HAR HAR!!!!" Every. Single. Fucking. Time we had a debriefing. And then they sang it again when they won, and again in the finals when IT WAS ONLY THEM COMPETING AGAINST EACH OTHER. I wanted to hit them because they were so obnoxious. Not even OSA sang their cheer. Plus they acted so superior and pompous and ugh, I just hated their guts. Plus it was SO hard to take them seriously because they all looked like they didn't give a shit. Also a few girls wore fitted hats which I commonly associate with my sister and her druggie friends. Plus during the workshop last night they were just awful. x.x There was one super stupid girl who just asked dumb questions and sat on the table basically thinking she was awesome because she was sitting in the front. Later she compared human lives to shoes and tried to make a very shitty analogy about throwing out ugly shoes/people or burning them... 

It was fun to watch them get so mad though. In my debate my partner from Aberhart basically shit himself every time Opp spoke (we were government) and he just flipped out and got up every thirty seconds. Pure comedy.  Even better, the group next door, apparently the topic was "This house believes that stability is more important than democracy" and one of the girls pointed out that democracy WAS stability and the guy who chose that topic got SO PISSED he even slammed the door in her face. I was like, "lolololol take a chill pill guys, it's fucking impromptu that you all prepared for anyways."

I'm just so mad that all of Open was Calgarians. Yet Novice was four different schools. It shows that Calgary's dirty tricks got them the top spot (although I'll admit, that girl was pretty good) and it's just so unfair to us. According to my friend at Provincials if you don't get a high rank they smirk at you and act like total douches. 

I hope you guys don't even fucking come to Model Ledge, or I'll throw shoes at you. >.>  




I hate assholey-debaters. 

Was told to chill out by said dude who forgot his stupid plaque. 


skdjfhskdjfhksdjf fuuuuuuuu. 


I'm am so sick of this shit at this point. Especially seeing as how I WAS working hard to try and get this club's shit together. 

I don't even know why I'm doing this anymore. Fuckit. 





In other news, I've found another college I want to go to. George Washington University.

So, basically, I want to live in Chicago, NYC, DC, or Boston.

Chicago. Blackhawks are better than the rest.

Boston just won the Cup.


But yeah, Chicago's my pick. Though not for the hockey team, for the school...

Scarowinds is freaking awesome. XD I liked hanging out with the vampires. Half of them had legit mohawks. The Silver Scream Sinema was pretty awesome too... How is it that half of the people they have working there are really cute teenage guys? And all of the people who visit it too... Jeez. Anyway, we made a few new friends. I looked as scary as some of the people who worked there, too. I thought it was funny when some guy came up to me while I was sitting down and asked me if I was supposed to be one of the scary people. XD Well, I did have dark red hair, half a shaved head, and realistic vampire fangs... 

Just realized that my eighteenth birthday is coming up.


I need to actually start learning about politics so I'm not like every other piece of shit out there who doesn't know a thing about how the government goddamn works.


Fun fact: Most people feel obligated to have an opinion, and so when they're polled on something they don't know about (Which is like, everything) they'll respond regardless, despite, y'know, not knowing a goddam thing about the subject, thus skewing the polls.


Combine this with our tendency to vote for the guys who agree with us about completely pointless topics, nobody understanding the basics of cause and effect in the government (I.E, less taxes=less government spending=less government programs, and the inverse), and people following herd mentality in general by nature (Humans are naturally social animals, so I'll forgive them for this, but still) and we have, in essence, the group of people I don't want to be a part of.


In short? I gotta actually learn how this stuff works.

Have a 1250-1500 words modern cinema paper due in 2-3 weeks, as well as a 750-1000 word paper due for my graphics novel class, I guess I should be glad I'm still not in high enough level science classes to have to even read research papers let along write something.
Aw shut up, research papers are much easier than any English paper bullshit.
Yeah, but when you have to write about the paneling and colouring and all of that it gets annoying. Although since there are no page numbers, there's no page number to cite, it just got easier.
Stop complaining, I need to write two 300 word essays every other day, and all of my regular papers are 1400 words, typically with no outside citation allowed.


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