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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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If you want to count 300 words essays in there, then I could add that in. Only you're most likely writing about stuff you actually want to write about.
It's written reviews of other people's work...if I had the option, I'd rather explain it in person.
And no, the stuff I do on MDW is critiquing works of my choice. This is not that.

I dream of 1000 word papers.


Did I mention I'm in the middle of writing a paper to be published?

You're also in medicine. Everyone ever doing anything medicine related publishes papers.

My dad was briefly involved with medicine through his engineering degree and they had him publish a paper on CAT scans in 3-d realtime...back in the early 80s.

*offers tea* 

I think the general consensus is that assignments suck, regardless of whether you're in uni or at school. 


Currently I'm hoping for all my assignments due next week to just disappear >.>

New Girl. eeeeeee


I love this show so much.


Want. Now.

Will go illegally download. I love Zooey.

She's so adorable. x3


It's just fantastic. All the time.

Got  the debate results today. I would explain how proud I am, but instead I decided to illustrate this with a picture of the results. (Please note: There was still another page of participants. Technically I placed seventeenth (out of 45 places, which means there was around 100 open kids or so) but a lot of people tied before/with me. I actually placed thirteenth with like four or five other people.)


Speaker points are out of 80 I believe. 

Yeah bitches, I was Mad-Eye Moody.  


And just for you guys to realize, there were five people in our school who went. I got second best in our school (our names are in the dark blue) and I've never had any training/real coaching and have only been to two debates in Canadian National style, SO I FEEL FUCKING AWESOME. I'm not actually good though. xD 




My profile picture on Facebook is currently the chapter heading illustration of Mad-Eye.

Moody is awesome. 


'Nuff said. 



Holy shit I'm dying.....


Seriously, I'm about to cry... Savannah College of Art and Design.  


How the hell will we pay for this. o.o


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