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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Happy birthday. :D Even if I am late. >_>



Thanks. :3



o.o I am very late, but happy birthday anyway! :D

*throws confetti*

Thanks. :D

*dances in confetti*

So late because I haven't been on in days, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving guys!


Today you guys can all pretend that it is also the American Thanksgiving and just eat a lot of turkey. 

Such a pointless holiday.

I get a day off and an excuse to eat turkey.

I'm not complaining. XD 

PSAT tomorrow. *crosses fingers*


This means that we have twenty minutes for each class, which is ridiculous. Total waste of time. You can get NOTHING done in a twenty minute class period. *sigh*


I finished the third season of Doctor Who. It is so fantastic. Makes me happy.

I'm also finally reading Ghost Story. It's good, but I'm over 3/4 of the way through and all I can think is WHERE THE FUCK IS THOMAS. HE'S YO BROTHA, HARRY. HOW CAN YOU GLOSS OVER HIM?


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