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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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If you have the time, I'd reccomend picking up a copy of The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir. She had a lot of useful insights on the matter.

I don't have time to include it in this assignment, but I'll pick it up later if you really recommend it.

Feminism has become somewhat intriguing to me as of late.

Hey there all you fine lovely people! Do you like music? Then check out this band OPPOSITE DAY and press the like button! And yeah I know we only have 2 crappy videos up and we pretty much suck, but if you'd like us anyway, I'd be your best friend. ForEVER. Cause we only have like 6 likes haha.

:) Thanks?

Today I had to listen to a girl rant about how intense "I Love The Way You Lie" was today along with how awesome Carly Rae Jespen's single "Call Me Maybe" is so unique and awesome. When I asked about what everyone thought of fun.'s new album that has been streaming live since last week, I got blank stares. And to be fair, they're not that unknown or obscure.

I died a little inside.

Also, One Direction won the Brits. Today has been a sad day for me musically.

Edit: And now a girl is going to the Nickelback concert and just dear god.

Don't know any of those people,if that makes you feel any better.

Then again, I barely listen to music, so it's mostly my own fault.


You are very much better off not. Except fun. is a nice pop jam if you dig pop music from like, the 60's/70's era.

fun. is cool :3

Other than that, yeah, I gotta admit I am not aware of the antics of any of those bands. The last album I downloaded was by Nine Inch Nails (okay, okay, so that was this weekend).

I read your post last night and totally missed the part about fun.

There are a couple of songs that I really enjoy off of their new album (their old one is super amazing), but I wish they hadn't decided to go with the autotuning. Especially with that song "Stars." I don't think it sounds very good.

Titled song for the album is awesome. It's so addicting. I really liked the bonus track too. The autotune was a bit disappointing, I get what they were trying to do with it, but it just didn't really work. I definitely prefer the first album or some of Nate's older stuff from The Format as opposed to this new album, but it's damn catchy that's for sure. 

@Nathan: You are waaaay better off not knowing those bands. This picture helps illustrate what I mean:

The title song is amazing. I like the first four songs quite a bit.

Aim and Ignite is one of my favorite albums ever, so I guess I was setting my expectations a little too near that and they went in a different direction. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'll probably just keep listening to it and I'll probably like it more the more I listen to it.

It's so... awesome. I listened it to a day straight when the album was first streaming. Took me forever to get past the others because I kept listening to it. :) Unfortunately, with It Gets Better, I heard the acoustic first and it's way better than the one on the album. Still good, one of my favourites, but I'd like an acoustic release of this sometime. Hopefully. 

My music list is too big to have a favourite album, but Aim and Ignite hit it pretty high. I'm glad they're trying out new things, I just wished they didn't use as much auto tune. I know it's supposed to be used as a tool but it's not my favourite sound in the world. 

God no, not Nickelcrap.


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