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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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That would be nice, but with folks covering half the globe (Literally, if we start with Omega in NZ and go all the way to Alice in UK, that's 13.5 hours worth of time zones) the question of where we'd get everyone to meet springs to mind immediately.

Since we're not all rich and famous (and old enough to travel) yet, how about something lower-profile this summer, like a group chat using Mumble or some other conferencing program?

@everyone, That's why I said it would be so much later into the future, since I know it would be hard to get everyone to travel however far it was depending on where they live. I have no idea where we would meet, either. 

Skype or something similar sounds like a great idea! I don't have a premium account for group chat yet, but I think I can scrape together enough for it, if that's what everyone wants to do. 

I can just imagine, everyone here on Skype calling each other by their screen names out loud...

You don't need a premium account for group voice chat without video, I've hosted multiple group chats on skype before. Nor do you have to wait until the summer to be doing something so very simple as sharing a web username... Why would you even want to wait until summer, End?

And if you're really set on group chat with video, there's always tinychat.

Because summer 2013 marks 5 years since the golden age of Antifandom on least as I perceived it. Seemed like a logical date to me.

And now I suddenly feel much older.

I was twelve then. wtf. 

I think I just grew grey hair thinking about that. Christ.

I'm totally down for a meetup, though ._.

I actually have a few grey hairs. All of them shuddered at the thought that it's been that long.

Mine isn't grey yet, but it has actually changed color -- I used to be blond, and now it's several shades darker.

I was mostly shocked because, to be sentimental, that time is never really far from my heart. Like, five years already? Damn. It feels like yesterday.

That is around the time that I joined, isn't it? I wasn't even a sane at that point... Or maybe that was about the time I grew a brain? I can't remember... >.>

Wouldn't it be Jan/Feb 2013?

Which is in like 2 months, fuck. But that was like, pre-mods and stuff. 


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