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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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It's not population because the electoral college divides up the power weirdly. There are cases (and it happened in 2000) where a president can win the electoral college, but lose the popular vote.

As for how locations for the electoral college is figured out...I'm not sure. I forget that part of 12th grade Civics.

We had FPP, we've now got a different system. We had a referendum a while ago about changing it back to FPP and the majority vote was for no.

Looks like Obama won again.
Also, Nathan, did your state just legalize Marijuana?

I've been yay!-ing for about 4 hours - when it became fairly obvious that Romney had lost Ohio and Wisconsin, and was therefore less likely to win.

Mine just did.  >.>

Yeeeeah party in Colorado.

I didn't hear about the legalization until this morning in class. Somebody was giving a presentation and said something about Colorado and someone yelled from the back "They just legalized marijuana!" And I was thinking "Hey, that's where Nathan lives! Party at Nathan's!" XD

This is late, but yep, we did. And there's at least one new bong in Boulder named Amendment 64.

Romney's conceding!


It really pisses me off when you haven`t even read my writing yet and you tell me that yours is unconditionally better than mine. 

You have no basis to judge that other than your own bias. 

And no, word count is not an indication of how good your writing is. I don`t care if this is Nanowrimo, that doesn`t make it better than mine. It just makes it longer, which good for you. I`m glad you can hit 15K words. As of right now, I can`t because I have other things I need to do than write. Like my million ECs, homework, and applications. But it`s great that you can get that much, but shut the fuck up about how awesome your story is and how it`s definitely better than mine. Thanks. 


Word count is not indicative of quality; never is.
I'm right on track, but I can tell already that 70% of this is going to need to be burnt down and redone from scratch because the sentence structure is repetitious, and the characters without established backgrounds from previous NaNos are hideously awkward.

All of my Nanos are terrible. It's just so rushed and nothing is thought out well. Lines are reused and some don't even make sense because I wrote it with three hours of sleep at 4 AM. So it clearly needs to be rewritten (at least twice) and without an outline the characters go to hell too. I'm lucky if names stay the same throughout...


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