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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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You'll definitely get it, don't worry about it. :)

I don't even have my /learner's/ (and we can get it at 14 here) so it's not a big deal. I mean if you don't need a car/can't get one, why bother getting a driver's license? Other than some form of identity, it really serves you no purpose and it's hardly an indication of maturity. 

Teachers are good, church leaders, etc. Just members of your community who know what types of volunteer work/extra curriculars you do. I like to ask my favourite teacher (often my best grade) and a coach or teacher adviser of some sort. 

I was 18 before I got my driver's license. And I'd suggest asking a teacher for a reference.

I'm turning 19 in six days and I still don't have my license. :D 

And what they said. I used my chorus teacher for one when I was applying.

So much driving this weekend.

So much.

Met up with lots of people though. feeling somewhat accomplished.

In other news, I went to ASU's Yule Ball. Right before we left, I told this guy he was attractive (he was and my best friend does this all the time and they say "Thanks" and that's the end of that) and went to catch up with my friends to get my shoes and head out. Well, he followed and gave me his number. So that happened...

It won't go anywhere, but damn, he was attractive. And he apparently thought I was attractive enough to give his number to so I had a nice night.

I went to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert with a friend instead of my school's Peppermint Ball, and it was totally worth it. Front row seats. We stayed and got autographs afterward and the bass player gave us hugs because he recognized us from where we sat. :D

Now for finals week. I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible before I have to go back home. I swear, this place is like Hogwarts for me. I'd almost rather stay here than go back to the drama of my house. >>

I'm actually so upset. You know it was one thing when we lost the storage here, but losing the storage in Halifax means losing all my pictures pre-grade 7, all my personal belongings that unlike the rest of my family, I couldn't bring, and oh you know, everything I've ever owned before grade 10. No big deal.


What a fine and dandy week this has been.

*offers tea*

Fucking hell! That's terrible :C I'm so sorry.

Dear lord that's awful.

I'm sorry.

*offers hugs and cookies*

Has anything good happened to you happened in the past year...or three?

Sorry to hear that you've been handed another raw deal. Judging by your post history, I hope you peacefully manage to reach that magical day when your life falls under your own control, rather than the inconsiderate approaches of others.

Thanks guys. >.> I hope my brother paid that fee or I'm going to strangle him. 

It's been up and down. Like, for a week or so life will be really awesome and I'll be really happy. Then something crappy will happen and it'll totally eradicate everything awesome. This summer, for example when I went to summer camp at it was super awesome. But before wasn't so great due to the problem with my dog. 

Ah well, hopefully next September I'll be at Queen's University and you know, a lot more responsible and in control... hopefully. Thanks End. :) 


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