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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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I found a floppy disk of my writing from middle school (about 7 years ago) and... I...

"Greatest hits" include:

  •  “Just reverse the poles?” Victor muttered. “Reverse the poles? It’s that simple?”
  • “Remember me, Victor?” it leered in a Scottish accent.
  • This story in 1 minute: This person was Anakin Skywalker in a past life and is doomed to relive his crimes occasionally.
  • It was a beautiful day for Transylvania.
  • I am tensed to strike when…My legs! I fall to the sand on my front, trying desperately to sense where my legs are.
  • Summary: What would happen if Dracula and Darth Vader were to meet? Dracula with a lightsaber, an immortal, weather-controlling Darth Vader, that's what! And oh yeah, that Harker guy meets Luke and they discuss some villains they know... hint hint. 

Well, it's 1200 here on the 21st. No sign of the apocalypse. Slightly windy, however.

It's windy here too. I think a few trees may have fallen in my backyard, actually... The power flickered for a minute and my internet was out for a bit, but then everything was fine.

22nd here.

No apocalypse to report.

Nathan, you will be interested in knowing that Skynet is real; it's a sattelite array operated by the British Military

We had the skynet laws put into place last year.

They're anti-piracy.

We all thought it was hilarious.

Merry Fucking Christmas to all you bastards on here.

It's 25 degrees C (at 10am!!) and I'm walking around in shorts and a short-sleeved teeshirt.

It's -25 C (at 4 PM!) and I'm walking around in shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt. In doors though because outside is really cold.

Have you ever had a white Christmas though?

Never had a white Christmas, no. I'll manage it some year.

Got to 30-odd here. enough to be nastily uncomfortable.

It didn't get much lower than 50 F today here. I've never had a white Christmas either... If it ever snows here it's usually once in Jan/Feb. And that's if we're really lucky. It never sticks for long, anyway.

You guys should just get a bunch of sugar and pour it outside. Instant Christmas wonderland. Or come here. It snowed today. Again. 

I wouldn't trade with you. XD I'm afraid I do worse in extreme heat than extreme cold. 

Apparently my mother has lied to be about working Boxing Day so that I can watch my younger sister while she goes shopping. 

And it's the things like this that we can't be closer. 

I'm not sure if this is hilarious or just really sad or a combination of both. Feels like the latter.


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