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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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My brother and I are getting VIP tickets to meet and greet Lindsey Stirling in February. That's about all for my big Christmas presents, but I'm super excited. :DD

Other notable things to report: LOTR LEGOs, a Portal scarf, Daleks, a TARDIS mug, socks, and more socks. Not a bad year, but I guess I'm a little disappointed because I'm starting to want some more professional clothes more than LEGOs at the moment with our shortage of money and my lack of space for large sets, and my brother and sister both got super amazing perfect things like an electric violin and a tablet. I would have been happy with anything Loki related too, but oh well. I can get that myself.

I'll be okay though. Honestly, I'm just glad nothing went horribly wrong over the break so far, though it almost threatened to. Only a week left and then I get to go back to Hogwarts college. :D

Nevermind. They're sold out of VIP tickets. Oh well.

So just a question for all you college savvy people, but on scholarship applications, do I put down that I worked for my parents?

It's been bothering me for a while since some girl who applied for a big one who did part time babysitting for her parents said she did. >.>

I did photography for my parents at their work (family business, I was never paid. It was about four weeks of about 7 hours for 6 days a week) and also do babysitting (6/7 days a week. About Five hours still unpaid) but they're all for my family so I thought it didn't count. :/ But does it?

I never understood when people put babysitting for their parents when all they ever did was watch their own siblings.  It seems like you're just filling space which should be used to express who you are and the skills you have.  So if the person babysitting practically created their own business or pretended to, then that's a worthwhile use of space, or if you think babysitting has defined you, you might add it with info explaining why you consider it worthy, especially when you have things like your debating.  Photography is a skill, so I think that's legit and not something you see everyday. You should absolutely add it.

On another note of you just are looking for lame space fillers I heard it was completely fine to put if you were a forum mod/admin or running a blog or something. 

XD No, it's just I have to pick her up and watch her and stuff and it's not once a week, it actually takes a lot of time so I said no to joining a lot of clubs and such that conflicted with times I had to make sure she wasn't setting the house on fire.

Okay, so next time I'll add photography. I had some from Yearbook but this is a different type (product shots vs you know, people pictures) and apparently I get to learn how to use certain business systems. Whoo!

Somehow running a tumblr doesn't seem like the ideal...

Sell yourself. Put the job itself and the skills you used/learned, not who you worked for.

I am SO glad I'm going back to school tomorrow. >.>

I tripped and fell over a blog run by German Sam (Fate's friend) on tumblr, and screamed a little when I figured it out.

Small internet.

I read German Sam's entire story on Fictionpress and it took me like a good ten minutes after creeping her profile to figure it out. I kinda freaked. 

It was on my News Feed last night that you'd liked her Facebook page and I almost died. I was just like, "How did this happen?"

My curiosity is satisfied now.

holy shit it's 2013

this year i'm graduating and going to college and getting a job

i joined this site last month three years ago

oh wow

the new Dresden book has Harry quoting Pratchett and meeting Santa within like the first three chapters. which sounds ridiculous, only it's wonderful.


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