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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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I don't know why I did this but watching a video (even if by Walt Disney) of any animal committing (forced) suicide IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA EVER. 

Since this is a recent thing for many of you, is there a key to dealing with butt-hurt, egocentric middle-schoolers/early high-schoolers? I'm up to my neck in them and would be truly grateful if you've discovered some useful techniques.

The only thing I know is that you are always wrong. Even when you're right, you're still wrong, which makes compromising with them impossible.

Also, the more you oppose something, the more they will support it. They're super spiteful.

So, not really tips for how to deal with them, but they are tips for how they work at least?

DON'T feed their ego too much. If they make a valid point acknowledge it but don't you know, make them feel like a god or something. 

DO try to treat them as an equal, there is something about someone older that we often either feel a.) condescending or b.) amazing (which you are clearly not getting here...). Even if they're being total douche faces.

DON'T correct their political incorrectness (as long as it's moderate, if they start dropping the N-bomb go ahead). Either they figure out that it's wrong on their own, there is some appeal apparently, as teens and pre-teens to use terms we don't know or have heard in the wrong context because we like to sound intelligent/cool when we really aren't. There is something really condescending and annoying to us about being corrected (which is why people hate my incredibly basic grammar corrections lolololol.) 

DO keep it mature. Don't stoop to their level even if it's tempting. Yes, he just called you an ignorant prat, no you can't use that 10x more witty remark. >.> You're supposed to be an adult or something here. 

Also try and use some form of sarcasm, we like sarcasm and funny remarks. Often making fun of a third party or something else. We also like self-deprecation. And bad dancing. 

And yes. No matter what, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WRONG.

As far as that paper I mentioned goes, it's done being revised, and here's the final copy. It's not the best thing I've ever written, but given I cranked out the rough draft in about an hour immediately before deadline, it's better than it could've been.

I quoted my internet pseudonym in something. For a grade.

This is... So cool.

It just made my (already pretty awesome day) like 10x even better.

Heheh, the stuff we do on the Internet does matter.

Been there, and yes, it's awesome. XD

Made me miss everyone.  v.v

Very lovely read, though.

Oh, the memories.

It was such an odd read, but cool. Just weird to have the flashback to old times.

That is really awesome. :D

I miss the old days, sometimes.



SO EXCITED OMG. three years of work amounted to something lol.



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