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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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XD  I'm in classes where the Profs give out their cell for you to text them, and it just seems weird.  But I did public schools where we even had a teacher practically dismissed because a parent found that their graduated son used to text a teacher. 

Um, like general hat, scarves, stuff?  This summer I practiced traditional Irish lace crochet techniques, and stuff.  I can do plushies, too?  I've been doing fewer fitted wearables, because I thought they took loads of time, but I started this gorgeous buffet scarf and I've absolutely put more hours into it than any other project and it's maybe 1/3 done.  All my nearby friends and family are tired of it. v.v

I like it, it's repetitive.  And it allows me to watch bad American TV/movies, you miss just enough plot holes, crappy character development, etc. to enjoy it. 

Well I mean if I text teachers it's always about something school related. Now that I graduated it's mostly asking for references XD other than that I don't see why anyone would text a teacher unless you're related?

Or neighbors. That too.

XD that's actually really impressive. Can you do those like animal mittens? Like the ones that look like sharks or pandas. I saw panda ones last year at Forever 21 and always really wanted them but they were out of stock. :V

XD how can your friends and family be tired of knits? Surely it's cold where you are!

LOL. So much bad TV these days and it's very addictive because I can text and read and watch it all at the same time...
Still handicapped, latest conclusion is that it's piriformis syndrome (a muscle in my buttock is spasming and putting pressure on the sciatic nerve) and iliotibial band syndrome (tightness in the iliotibial band). I have exercises to do and I'm supposed to be working with a physical therapist, but I'm terribly busy :/

I scaled back my class schedule, but I'm still just keeping up. It's hard to get work done on the days where all I want to do is take my medication and sleep, and I have very little energy at the best of times.

Anyway, I'm still alive. Just not at my best.

A diagnosis is better than nothing. I hope things improve!

My friend got hit by a car today. She's alright, relatively speaking. She's not dead or hospitalized. I was eating lunch with my current roommate (not GermanSam) when she texted me about it. I went and picked her up from the intersection and took her to the hospital. For a while there, we thought she had a concussion, but I think we're good. Still, it was a long, stressful day.

Being in the hospital added extra stress to me, too, which made me feel guilty because I should've been more worried about her and yeah... But walking down one of the hallways just made me think of my time in the hospital and I never knew that I could feel so uncomfortable just by walking down a hallway. It was shit.

So today was long and tiresome and I hate everything but I'm glad she's okay.

i was going through the last few pages and people seemed to be posting general updates on their lives so i thought i would drop one here so if anyone cared to read it they could

first off i'm not tally it's emily, or ni, using her account, i haven't talked to you guys in years so i dont know how many of you remember me/care, but whatever. i'm guess i deleted my account here.

i just recently turned 17, i'm a junior in high school right now, starting to think about college and all that. i've mellowed out a little mood wise. i'm probably nicer now, and definitely a better person. probably got more gay. 

i'm still in very regular contact with tally and we're still really close but that's the only friendship i've kept up with from this site. we're closing in on the two year anniversary of me meeting her face to face, that was an incredibly experience, i remember it as being very comfortable and fun and we went to this pirate dinner theater show and her mom got incredibly into it and was shouting at pirates. we've been talking for at least like....5 years now? which is ridiculous. i've known her longer than some friends from school! weird. she's great. 

ive got a spotty memory so much of being into maximum ride feels like a really distant past to me even though it wasn't that long in the past. 

i really like science fiction now. i started watching star trek last year and i just fell deeper and deeper into the depths of science fiction and now im always thinking about aliens and shit. and i'm still alive! i'm sure you're all incredibly pleased to know that. 

i am doing pretty well. 

hello it is now tally. came to read emily's post and thought i should write one but two from one account would be odd. anyway.

16 on saturday, sophomore in high school, still going to phillips exeter, much happier here now. i've made amazing amazing friends and i'm so happy and it's hard and my grades aren't perfect but it'll all be worth it blah blah blah. i don't have any delusions about going to an ivy, which is what most of my friends aim for and will likely attain, so i'm happy knowing that i'll go to a pretty nice school and be reasonably happy there, though honestly i don't think anything will be able to compare to exeter.

umm, friends from MX-wise, surprisingly close with a lot of people still. silver is my best friend ever, we see each other every summer and occasionally other school breaks. i'm going to cancun with her family this summer. so that's wild. patrick and i don't talk as often as i'd like because we're really busy but we're still super close and i'm going to go visit him at his college in about a week and a half and that will be the first time we've met in person, which seems ridiculous because we've been besties for like three years. obviously emily and i are close. keira and i are still friends as well, she doesn't live that far from exeter and i see her once or twice a year.

i went on meds for depression ~18 months ago and that's going alright, dosage was recently upped which supposedly will help with my mild anxiety as well. really struggle with my eating disorder, which i don't think was something i...had? last time i was on here. so yeah that's rough and it's been bad lately but it comes and goes. i'm a much better person, generally. i'm a good friend, at least, which is mainly what i value. much less selfish, much more responsible. started very occasionally drinking and doing drugs recreationally some time last year which kind of felt like the last "loss of my innocence" type thing. i dunno, i'm just very different and my life is very different even though there are so many of the same people in it. still very panromantic but pretty sure i'm asexual. think that's it. rad.


Sorry, but I had to get that out of my system.

Ni: Just to be clear, I've definitely missed you, despite the fact that we weren't that close back in the day. I actually asked Nathan about you the other day, but as the two of you had fallen out of touch, there was no news there. I'm glad to here you're alive and I think I had a spaz attack when I saw that you were posting. Glad to hear you're doing well and internet friendships that have lasted are the shit.

Tally: I follow you on tumblr, so I feel like I actually get a fair amount of life updates from you? But I was still pretty happy to see you were the last poster. (Is that the word I want? Fuck it, let's go with it.) I'm glad to hear Exeter is going better than last I heard. Also, awesome that you still talk to Patrick. Sorry to hear about the depression, but at least the meds are helping. The eating disorder sounds pretty shitty (sorry, I'm not good at the comfort thing anymore? Idk.) so I hope that improves for you.

Also you both make me feel super old. And I realize how long it's been since we all met and everything, which is weird.

Anyways, I hope there was something coherent in this post and I am super happy to have heard from both of you.

I'm gonna shut up now.

I didn't exactly run for a computer to reply to you two but I did, like, walk fast.

Ni: Yes, I remember you. Glad to hear you're doing well, and that you and Tally are still friends. Star Trek is great, if you like TOS you might like Dune or Ray Bradbury's work; if you like the later, I dunno, they're not really my thing.

Tally: Hello! Great to hear from you, too. Jesus you make me feel old. And it's good to hear you've kept old MX friends as well -- as far as meeting people after a ridiculously long time goes, I've been close with a dude named Mark from the MRUK forums for 7 years now and we only met up two years ago. Eating disorders and depression are a huge bummer, but it's gladdening to hear that meds seem to be helping with the depression. I hope your college experience fuckin rocks (you too Ni) -- I went to a community college, then transferred to a state college, and I've had a grand time despite my horrible health.

If either of you wanna exchange tumblr info, I'm at cryingalonewithfrankenstein. I literally can't remember the last time we talked, and that sucks :\

Also, MX would be turning six this November if it were still online. That's so goddamn weird. The MR series will be ten next year and that's even worse.

it's ni

i really loved tos and i dont really know about the other because i've only made it like 10 episodes into tng because i'm busy with school and sleeping like 18 hours a day. 

i've actually had essentially no web presence since i stopped going on mx and stuff, so i dont have a blog anymore. i've been thinking of making a new one for like a year but every time i think about doing it i just struggle for a half hour trying to think of a url like "what are words i know...octopus.friday.butts. octopusbutts! taken. darn." and then i go look at the baby blog that has the combination of my first and middle name and get angry

i didn't know until pretty recently mx was gone and it's so weird because it's just GONE and like the only evidence it existed is like, this one youtube video of someone complaining about the chat room and yahoo answers of people being like "where did it GO??". it's as if it never happened. it was a mirage. 

octopusbutts is actually not taken as a url but nah. nah. i have more pride than that. 

but i should make a new blog or something

Also, MX would be turning six this November if it were still online. That's so goddamn weird. The MR series will be ten next year and that's even worse.

That, and it's been almost exactly three years since the end of the Itex ARG. I still have whole directories on my computer dedicated to that.

Or, if you really want to feel terrible, we're seven months away from this thread's 5th birthday.

Sometimes I go back to the internet archive and dig it up just to convince myself that some of that stuff actually happened. 'twas a different time.

Wow, nice to see that both of you are still kicking about.


Star Trek is really awesome. If you find harder sci-fi interesting, then you really ought to look up some of the stuff by Anne McCaffrey, and not just the Dragon novels. Alternately, if you're more interested in a TV show, give Stargate a shot (or Doctor Who, if you haven't already, but knowing most people on here, I assume that you already have).

Happy that you checked back in though, really was missing your perspective.


Nice to hear that you're still enjoying exeter. Sorry to hear about the other things though--I wouldn't say you've lost your innocence yet (this is a post-degree adult wait, what? where am I?! what year is this?! speaking to a high schooler though, so, yeah...) and keep in mind that you have as much control over your life as you're willing to grant yourself. I hope that your travels are safe and reinvigorating, and don't give up hope on romance--my younger brother had zero interest in anyone until he was seventeen and a half.

It's great to hear from all of you! Since everyone is updating...

I'm still alive, and doing a lot better now than I was 8 months ago. I finally left my emotionally manipulative boyfriend for good, and though I'm much happier without him, I'm still so furious with him and that relationship. It's been on my mind quite a bit lately, because it's affecting my ability to form relationships now. I wish I could get past it.

I got accepted to my first choice and I absolutely cannot wait to go to college. I'm going to major in psychology; I'd really like to be a psychiatrist, buuut we'll see. I sent my application for the Honors Program last Monday, but I haven't heard anything back and I'm getting a little worried. They said the turn-around time was very quick, so. Should I be concerned?

I put a video up on Youtube about two weeks ago and I'm really proud of it. It's a song I did as a response to a "creative representation of oneself" prompt for the honors thing. Here's the link if anybody wants to check that out. shameless self-promotion shameless self-promotion

I'm so glad last semester is over because the work load was killing me, but I miss the structure of my classes. I hate never knowing what to expect when I walk in the classroom. Though this semester is a lot easier, I'm having trouble getting the motivation to do anything. And I sit in front of two kids in my APLit class that I absolutely CANNOT STAND. They're horrific bullies and specifically target one of my friends. And they don't even know they're doing anything wrong. I've asked them to shut up a couple of times now but I really will not tolerate much more of their hatefulness. I've talked to the teacher about it and she'd rather not get involved, but one of her students is being mercilessly bullied and it has got to stop before it gets any worse. Honestly, I used to enjoy that class, but now it just makes me really sad.

So, overall, I'm ok. I'm turning 18 in about a month and graduating high school in about three, and neither of those things can come fast enough. I am so ready to move out and go to college and start the rest of my life.


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